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Week Beginning 19 September 2016

From Wednesday 21 September to Friday 23 September next week we will have our official school photographers Pret-a-Portrait in school. They will be taking individual student photographs for all students. Your child will be involved in this round of photos and so we ask that you ensure they are smartly dressed and wearing appropriate school uniform on Wednesday 21 September to Friday 23 September.


  • Year 4 Football Fun Day - Wednesday 28 September 9.30 – 12.30 – SAS Puxi. Parents welcome to support.
  • Class Room Parents wanted. If you would to volunteer to be a Class Room Parent then please contact your child’s class teacher.
  • Parent Readers wanted. If you would to volunteer to Parent Reader with children in Year 4 then please contact your child’s class teacher.
  • Homework will be given out on Wednesdays and expected in on Mondays. 
  • Please ensure that your child has the correct school uniform. In particular please ensure your child is wearing black shoes. Girls should wear plain white socks and boys should wear black or grey socks. You can review the school’s uniform policy here.
  • Please remember to send in and label your child’s snack box and water bottle, as well as a hat during the hot weather.
  • If for any reason your child is unable to take part in PE, please send a signed message in your child’s communication book.  Your child still needs to bring in their PE kit to enable them to participate as a coach, an official or to give feedback.  If your child would be swimming, they should bring their normal PE kit.


Having read all of chapter 5, the children in Year 4 will now write their very own short story.  Referring back to the Iron Man they will structure their stories into 5 separate paragraphs – an opening, build up, problem, resolution, and ending.  Throughout the week they will  also be have opportunities to recap previously taught skills such as how to write direct speech and fronted adverbials, include commas, and all will be encouraged to make creative word choices.


Opening, build up, problem, resolution, end, commas, punctuation, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, nouns, compound sentences, complex sentences, conjunctions


In Maths this week, we will be looking at addition and subtraction and the methods and reasoning which we can use to find solutions to given problems. We will recap on how to use the column method for both operations, and apply our understanding to related problems. In addition, we will look at the method which we need to use when solving written word problems, and learn how to justify our reasoning.


Addition, subtraction, difference, reasoning, justify


In Humanities, students will investigate inventions that have been created to solve modern issues, such as a device that cleans up waste from the ocean. In Science, we will understand that data must be gathered in order to answer a question. For Art, children will begin to show an awareness of objects having a third dimension.


Modern issues, device, data, gather, third dimension


The students will continue developing their typing skills using ‘Dance Mat’. We encourage them to also do this at home if they wish.

We will also plan and create our own databases, creating fields and applying simple data validation.


Qwerty keyboard, database, field, sort


We will continue to consider how to resolve differences by looking at alternatives choices and making decisions that have positive outcomes. We will particularly focus on classroom interaction.


Resolve, difficult, decisions, choices, interaction, personal space, positive outcome, support


Y4 C1

Topic: Continue Lesson. 10 Vegetables and Fruits

We will learn sentence pattern with “可是” and “应该”

Homework: Finish worksheet on learnt language points

Y4 C2/C3

Topic:  Lesson 1. Countries, Languages-Continued

This week students will talk about the countries they have been to and what languages they can speak.

Y4 C4

Topic:  Lesson 2-Numbers, Pinyin-Continued

Students will learn numbers and Pinyin.





Welkom bij Reisbureau SDS!

De medewerkers van KS2 van Reisbureau SDS blijken zeer ervaren reizigers die fantastisch kunnen putten uit eigen ervaringen bij het oriënteren, plannen en beschrijven van hun reis voor de reisbeurs van donderdag 29 september a.s. . De leerlingen werken deze week verder aan hun reisprogramma: een beschrijving van dag-tot-dag incl. details over slaapplekken, kosten, vluchten, etc.

Deze week ronden we alles af, zodat we ons kunnen richten op de kraam voor de reisbeurs. Leerlingen mogen de kraam naar eigen inzicht indelen. Denk daarbij niet alleen aan visueel materiaal, maar vooral ook aan de andere zintuigen (lekkere hapjes, muziek uit het land...). Wellicht kunnen de ouders hier een handje bij helpen.

Spelling met Staal (spellingmoeilijkheden in het rood)

Groep 4: klankzuivere hakwoorden, kilowoord, zingwoord, luchtwoord

Groep 5: klankzuivere hakwoorden, luchtwoord, zingwoord, plankwoord, kilowoord

Groep 6: eer-oor-eur-woord, aaiwoord, sneeuwwoord

Groep 7: herhaling van groep 4 t/m 6 – prefix en suffix + werkwoorden tegenwoordige tijd


Year 3 / 4 Spanish – Ms Martinez

Next week we will revise the vocabulary for animals and look at the names of the colours.

There will be no homework this weekend due to the holidays.

Year  4 Spanish – Ms Watson

We will be learning story that involves animals and act it out as a play in Spanish. This will reinforce the animals they have learned and the greetings they are now familiar with. There will be no homework this weekend due to the holidays.

Year  4 French:  Miss Wood

We shall be continuing to review the names of animals, in particular pets. We will describe people in our family and introduce them by name. The children will rehearse days of the week, months of the year and the numbers from 10 to 50. Conversational French will be promoted by creating short plays to reinforce simple, useful phrases.
There will be no homework this weekend due to the holidays.

Year  3/ 4 Native French:  Mrs Rickford

Cette semaine, nous allons faire de la compréhension écrite avec le texte “Pourquoi les gommes n’ont-elles pas de pattes?”. Nous travaillerons sur le son “O”. Ensuite nous travaillerons sur l’apprentissage des mots: mots/ syllabes/lettres.
Pour les devoirs, les élèves  vont faire deux exercices pour renforcer leur orthographe des mots avec le son “o”.

Year  3/ 4 Native German:  Ms Brannasch

Im Deutschunterricht diese Woche haben wir die Klassenregeln besprochen und einige selber kreiert! Anhand eines Textes haben wir dann geübt, laut und mit Ausdruck vorzulesen, die Fragen zu beantworten, die Hilfswörter im Text zu erkennen und eigene Fragen zu schreiben.
Nächste Woche wird die Textarbeit ebenfalls unser Fokus sein, vor allem die Fragen schriftlich beantworten zu können.
Zu Hause können die Kinder das bereits üben, nämlich die Fragen zum Bild zu beantworten. Die genauen Angaben zur Hausaufgabe haben die Kinder in ihren Heften.

Year  3/ 4 Native Spanish:  Ms Garcia

La semana que viene vamos a trabajar las habitaciones y objetos de la casa. No hay deberes para el puente.

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