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Week Beginning 21 November 2016

Year 4 & 6 Art Exhibition - The exhibition will take place on the ground floor of the Primary building during the week commencing Monday 21 November. You are invited to come and view all the art work between 8.00 and 8.30 any morning during this week. We hope you enjoy the exhibition.


  • Year 4 Learning Showcas e  - Friday 25 November, 9.00 – 10.30
  • Please ensure that your child has the correct school uniform. In particular please ensure your child is wearing black shoes. Girls should wear plain white socks and boys should wear black or grey socks. You can review the school’s uniform policy here.
  • If for any reason your child is unable to take part in PE, please send a signed message in your child’s communication book.  Your child still needs to bring in their PE kit to enable them to participate as a coach, an official or to give feedback.  
  • Please be aware that the days are getting colder and wetter and dress your child accordingly.   A warm hat is also recommended, particularly on swimming days.
  • Date for the diary: Year 4 will be having their Themed Learning Showcase on Friday 25th November from 9:00am – 10:30am. We would like to invite parents to join us in celebrating all of the hard work the children have done during their ‘Inventions’ topic .


Michael Rosen’s the name, poetry’s the game!
As we celebrate Book week next week, we will be looking at poetry books – focusing on Michael Rosen.  Throughout the week the children will be able to watch and read Rosen’s witty, weird and wonderful  poems. Working in pairs they will create their own poem full of weird juxtapositions using the structure from a poem called ‘ Don’t ‘. During the second part of the week they will look at how Rosen performs his poems, and the children will then perfect their gestures, and vocal expression before performing their poems to the class.


Rhyme, poem, juxtaposition, performance, tone, expression, facial gestures, hand gestures


In Maths next week we will be learning about angles. The children will begin by investigating compasses to recognise directions and what an angle of turn is. Following this, we will look at angles within shapes and discuss the different types of angles and how they link to each other. We will also make use of different equipment such as protractors and internet activities to support our learning.


Angle, direction, compass, acute, obtuse, right, protractor


The students of Year 4 will prepare for their Learning Showcase involving how to engage with adults to tell them about some of their learning this term in differesnt subject areas.


Learning, teaching, facilitating, engaging, demonstrating, modelling, feedback


This week we will be using WEDO Lego with the laptops. This will involve the children building a model and following instructions to complete a moving and dancing set of birds that are mechanically controlled. They will need to build 2 birds that spin in different directions and include a pulley system. They should develop this to make their birds change direction and as a further challenge try to control them using the microphone so that the birds start and stop with a clap.


Belt, pulley, motor, gear, axle


Y4 C1

Topic: Revision of Lesson. 10 and Lesson.11

Students will review words, sentences from this unit and design their revision board game

Homework: Finish revision worksheet

Y4 C2/C3

Topic: Lesson 3 Making Phone Calls-Text 1

This week students will learn how to make a telephone conversation

Homework: Worksheets

Y4 C4

Topic:  Lesson 6-Telephone Number-Text 2 (continued)

Student will be able to tell where do they live  using the sentence pattern: 我住在(place)wo zhuzai… (I live in…)

Homework: Poster of where my friends live in





Vroeger was alles ...

De interviewvragen zijn voorbereid en de interviews zijn geoefend in de klas. In de aanvullende huiswerkbrief staat de instructie voor het af te nemen interview bij opa of oma. De leerlingen moeten het opgenomen interview uiterlijk 25 november inleveren op een memorystick (of meenemen op hun iPad). In de klas analyseren en bespreken we de interviews. Ook willen we een compilatie maken van beste vragen en antwoorden. Mocht de opa of oma in kwestie niet in de compilatie willen voorkomen, geef het dan tijdig aan.

We verdiepen ons verder in beeldspraak. Denk daarbij aan zegswijzen en spreekwoorden als: het gezin is de hoeksteen van de samenleving, het komt in de beste families voor, een aardje naar je vaartje hebben, het zit in je genen, het bloed kruipt waar het niet gaan kan, het zit in de familie, je eigen vlees en bloed en de appel valt niet ver van de boom. We spelen Taboe en ‘Who’s the man’ met deze spreekwoorden en met de themawoorden.

Tot slot zullen we in Y3 en 4 aandacht besteden aan de komst van Sinterklaas. 


Year 3 / 4 Spanish – Ms Martinez

Next week we will be revising animal vocabulary, and learning about parts of the body.
Homework: To revise vocabulary.

Year 3 / 4 Spanish – Ms Watson

This week our focus is on food and being able to explain likes and dislikes. The children will ask each other for food preferences and we will briefly look at how to order in a restaurant.
For homework children will revise the vocabulary.

Year  3/ 4 French:  Miss Wood

This week our focus will be on going shopping and buying food in preparation for a party. The children will learn to ask how much something costs and give opinions about food whether it is healthy or if they like the food or not. Their learning will be supported by creating matching activities to reinforce the new vocabulary.
Homework is to complete the questions on festivals and dates.

Year  3/ 4 Native French:  Mrs Rickford

Cette semaine nous allons travailler sur les différents sons de la lettre “g” et  sur les verbes regulier de premier groupe au présent.
Pour les devoirs, les élèves doivent completer la section "je vois j’entends” de la feuille:  "Pourquoi les serpents mangent les grenouilles"

Year  3/ 4 Native German:  Ms Brannasch

Mit den Kindern haben wir diese Woche die Bibliothek entdeckt! Jeder hat sich ein Buch nach seinem Geschmack ausgesucht und nun haben die Schüler die Aufgabe, das Buch zu Hause zu lesen. Dazu gibt es ein Leseheft, wo sie dann ihre Gedanken zum Buch aufschreiben oder ein Bild malen können. Einmal pro Woche werden wir die Bibliothek besuchen, so dass die Kinder das ausgeliehene Buch zurückgeben und ein neues ausleihen können.

Year  3/ 4 Native Spanish:  Ms Garcia

La semana que viene trabajaremos los sinónimos, ortografía y comprensión lectora. Como deberes, tienen que completar las dos páginas siguientes del cuadernillo de ejercicios.

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