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Week Beginning 27 February 2017


This week is a short week. We will finish on Thursday 2 March and will return to school on Wednesday 8 March. No homework will be set for this week but the children may wish to participate in the many online activities on the Global Campus.


This week in Literacy we will be completing our narrative stories. We will think about the planning which we have previously completed, and peer check to ensure that our stories are going to make sense. We will additionally be analysing different stories and deciding what makes for effective and ineffective endings, before using this understanding to write our own endings. Once we have written these, we will write the main bulk of the story, making sure it matches up with the already written ending.


Ending, effective, ineffective, collaborating, analysing


This week in Maths we will be learning about measure, focusing on volume and weight.  There will be opportunities for children to consolidate their ability to accurately weigh and measure, using scales and measuring containers,  as well as time spent learning how to read both labelled and unlabelled scales. As their learning progresses through the week time will be spent: converting between g and Kg, L and ml, estimation, and answering one and two step problems relating to weight and volume.


Volume, weight, grams, kilograms, litre, millilitre, convert, scale, volume, estimate


Year 4 have been studying the historical nature of the Pompeii eruption and the Geographical aspects of the volcanic eruption in Iceland over the last 2 weeks. This week we will be comparing these 2 eruptions using all of the evidence we have collected from news reports, webistes and non-fiction books. The children will be thinking about the effects of both eruptions and how much more devastating it was in the past before we had technology to help us make predictions. They will also be designing their own Evacuation Plan and thinking about the importance of this for future eruptions. Their own views and opinions will be discussed in a variety of ways in different classroom environments.


Eruption, Pompeii, Iceland, Geography, History, Evacuation Plan, evidence, reports, disruption


We have now completed our unit on Espresso coding and will be looking at the importance of Internet safety over the next few weeks. The children will be looking at the different ways they can use and access technology now as a child and moving on to look at what impact this has on their lives. We will be asking important questions that raise awareness of being safe online and will provoke discussions that will help them to understand why we need to be vigilant. They will be playing a quiz at the end of the week to see what they have learnt from the discussions.


Safety, internet, social networks, chat groups, identity, appropriate, inappropriate


Y4 C1

Topic: Lesson. 13 “House”-Continued

Students will learn words on ‘storeys/layers’ to describe houses

Y4 C2/C3

Topic: Lesson 5-Seasons-Text 1

This week students will learn to talk about the weather condition in different countries/cities/seasons

Y4 C4

Topic:  Lesson 9-Occupation-Text 2

Student will be able to introduce their parent’s occupation






Thema Blijspel

Deze week komt het thema Blijspel tot een hoogtepunt met de showcase op woensdag 1 maart van 17.00 – 19.00 uur. De leerlingen oefenen in aanloop op de show hun tekst en rol; werken aan de achtergrond en het decor en schrijven de tekst voor de achterflap voor op de gigantische zelfgemaakte boekenkaften van Karel en Elegast en Reynaert de Vos.

In verband met de Cito-toetsen is er geen huiswerk. Wel worden de leerlingen aangemoedigd om thuis, samen met u, hun tekst voor het blijspel te oefenen.

We hopen alle ouders te zien op woensdag 1 maart en kijken uit naar uw komst!


Year 3 / 4 Spanish – Ms Martinez

We will continue looking at words to describe, and create our own creatures which we will then describe to the rest of the group.
Homework this week is to revise describing words on Rockalingua.

Year 3 / 4 Spanish – Ms Watson

This week the students are learning the names of different rooms in a house and a range of items that can be found in each room. For homework the students will review the food, numbers and days of the week we have been learning.

Year  3/ 4 French:  Miss Wood

Next week we shall continue to focus on food and where to buy products. We will look at the different ways of spelling the ‘e’ sound and how to ask for items politely. The children will practice and perform a traditional story.
Homework: Find the names of different types of shop in French. Use the worksheet to help.

Year  3/ 4 Native French:  M. Valente

La semaine prochaine, Paul reviendra sur les homophones en [e] et [a] avant de voir ceux en [son] et [on]. Comme devoirs, il doit compléter la feuille qui lui sera donnée vendredi.

Year  3/ 4 Native German:  Ms Brannasch

Diese Woche stand „Briefe schreiben“ ganz gross auf unserem Programm. Die Kinder haben kurze Briefe aneinander verfasst und vorgelesen. Zu Hause sollen sie dem Muster (KV 33 im Booklet ) folgen und einen Brief verfassen.

Year  3/ 4 Native Spanish:  Ms Garcia

La semana que viene trabajaremos los sustantivos (género y número). Para deberes, tienen que repasar las palabras con g y j.