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Week Beginning 28 November 2016


  • All this week children will be selling Lego brick accessories during break and lunch times. The price list is in children’s communication book and these sales will support our fundraising for Nepal.
  • Date for the diary: Year 6 will be having their Themed Learning Showcase on Friday 9 December from 1:30pm – 3:20pm. We would like to invite parents to join us in celebrating all of the hard work the children have done during their World War II topic. This will also be a dress-up day.  More detail will follow.
  • Now the weather is beginning to get colder, please send your child with a coat and/or school fleece clearly labelled with their name.  Please do not send ‘hoodies’.  Children may also like to bring a hat to keep their head warm, especially after swimming.  


This week in Literacy we will be finishing our exciting unit of work on fan fiction. This is a genre where children can use their knowledge of characters and settings from their favourite books to construct their own stories. To support this we will be learning about ‘Story Mountains’ and looking at the punctuation of direct speech. This will build to the children writing their own stories to enter a Global Campus writing competition.


Fan fiction, Story Mountain, overcome, resolution


In Maths, we will be studing area, perimeter and volume. This will involve introducing the children to simple algebraic formulae to help them calculate the area of a range of 2D shapes. We will also look at some problem solving with area: where complex shapes must be broken down into their constituent parts. Finally, we shall look at how to calculate volume and how to apply the appropriate formaula.


Algebra, formula, volume, area, perimeter


We will be continuing our World War 2 topic and building on the foundations of knowledge we have laid in the first weeks back. The children will be investigating the Blitz and discovering what life was like for children under the rain of bombs falling upon London during 1940. They will also be using a range of challenging techniques in Art to construct a multi-layered piece of printed work that depicts the destruction of war. This will be coupled with an investigative scheme of work using laptops and iPads to study how shelters were built to keep the population safe from falling bombs.


Blitz, evacuation, bombing, incendiary, lino


This week the children will use a new touch typing program and will continue to learn the coding language ‘Python’.


Touch-typing, coding, Python


In PSHCE this term we will be beginning a mindfulness course called ‘Paws B’. This will involve the students learning a range of new strategies to help train their brains to make them more effective learners.


Trust, bravery, commitment



Topic: Revision

Children will have a revision session to review the words and phrases we have learned.

Homework: Paper sheet.

Y6 C2

Topic: General review for Mid-term Assessment

Homework: Revision worksheet and prepare for speaking assessment

Y6 C3

Topic: Lesson 3 Making Phone Calls-Text 2

This week students will learn how to make a telephone conversation

Homework: Oral preparation for the Termly Assessment

Y6 C4

Topic:  Lesson 6-Telephone Number-Text 2 (continued)

Student will be able to tell where do they live  using the sentence pattern: 我住在(place)wo zhuzai… (I live in…)

Homework: Oral preparation for the Termly Assessment





Year 6 French – Dr. Cattel/ Mme McConnon.

In next week’s class students will learn how to describe their house.
Homework this weekend is to write a letter in French to a penpal in Vietnam introducing yourself, your family, your pets and describing yourself and your family members. Please add some photos. 

Year 5/6  Spanish -  Ms Martinez

Next week we will review mi and mis, and continue learning about clothes.

Homework:  To choose a category of the vocabulary we have learnt about, and create a word search using at least 15 words.

Year 5/6  Spanish -  Ms Caldwell

Next week we will be continuing to investigate adjectives and learn how to construct more sentences using them.  We will be increasing our bank of vocabulary so that we can describe both animals and family members.

Homework is to revise adjectives on Linguascope.

Year 5/6 French - Ms Rae

Next week, we will be continuing with revising words for hobbies as well as revise words for animals. We will also begin to understand and describe what pets people have using ‘avoir’.

Homework this week is to write your own poem. Using the help sheet - can you make up your own acrostic poem about sport, using the word, Francais ?

Year 5/6 Native French – M. Valente

La semaine prochaine, les élèves commenceront à faire une révision des temps de l’indicatif vus cette année; nous aurons une évaluation avant les vacances de Noël.
Pour la semaine prochaine, il faut compléter les exercices donnés en classe sur le passé composé.

Year 5/6 Native German – Ms. Brannasch

Im Unterricht haben wir uns mit dem Aspekt „Stichwörter“ befasst und die Schüler haben Sachtexte über Fledermäuse gelesen, eine Stichwort-Fledermaus kreiert und den Text zusammengefasst.

Zu Hause sollen die Kinder weiter in ihren Büchern lesen und Lesetiger-Heften über das Gelesene schreiben (oder auch malen) und ein Poster über die Fledemaus anfertigen. Dazu sollen sie im Booklet S. 30 machen „Fledermäuse sind bedroht“. Ein Poster soll beliebig gross sein (kann sogar in Fledermaus-Form sein) und Stichwörter und kurze Informationen beinhalten: Arten von Fledermäusen, wo sie wohnen, was sie am Tag oder nachts machen, was sie fressen und von wem bedroht sind. Beide Texte im Booklet (S. 30 und S. 36) bieten viele Informationen.

Year 5/6 Native Spanish  – Ms Garcia

Esta semana hemos hecho un breve test sobre lo que hemos hecho hasta ahora. La semana que viene vamos a trabajar las palabras con ‘ll’ y ‘ñ’, la comprensión lectora y la expresión escrita. Para deberes, hay que completar dos páginas del cuadernillo de ejercicios.


Vroeger was alles ...

De leerlingen kijken hun interviews terug en geven elkaar feedback op het werk (peer-response). Ook maken we de collages van een familietraditie naar keuze af. De profielen van de opa’s en oma’s van de toekomst en de collages van familietradities worden gebundeld tot een boekje dat de leerlingen mee naar huis zullen nemen aan het einde van dit thema. We herhalen de aan bod gekomen woordenschat en beeldspraak.

Uiteraard staan we deze week stil bij Sinterklaas en zullen de leerlingen werken aan een speciale opdracht, gegeven door de Sint zelf!