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  • Vedeli ste že...

    sme otvorili novú budovu škôlky hneď vedľa našej hlavnej budovy na Pekníkovej ulici?


  • Naozaj medzinárodná škola

    Na našej škole máme študentov z viac než 50 rôznych krajín čo nás skutočne robí medzinárodnou rodinou.

    Primary children

  • Inšpirujúce a motivačné prostredie

    Naši motivovaní a vysoko profesionálni zamestnanci v British International School Bratislava sú tu aby zabezpečili aby sa každému dieťaťu darilo.

    Teacher with children

  • Študijné výsledky

    Zameriavame sa predovšetkým na dosahovanie skvelých výsledkov a povzbudzujeme našich študentov rozvíjať svoje individuálne schopnosti a záujem, čo znamená, že každé dieťa u nás prosperuje.

    Student doing presentation

Global Campus

Hoorah! The new Moodle is up and running so you should be able to get access to the Global Campus wherever you are. You access the Global Campus site through Moodle (http://bratislava.learn.nae.school). It is essential that you know your Moodle password so you can log on and get involved.  Please ask your teacher to help you if you are not sure of your password.

You should now have your Global Campus Passport; find the area in the Global Campus site, or ask your teacher and get collecting those stamps.  Once you have logged on to the Global Campus site, and entered into the Primary Portal then you can find information about using your passport at the sections shown below.

Focus On….Art
Create an ambitious version of Vincent van Gogh's ‘The Starry Night’ and share it with the art and design community to earn yourself a passport stamp. A template is in the Global Campus Primary Art area. This activity can earn you a stamp for your passport.

The Global Library is a worldwide book club for students age 8 and above. Being part of a book club challenges you to read, reflect, and critique and then express your conclusions clearly. It encourages you to make a case for your own interpretations and defend your arguments - valuable skills that you can apply to many aspects of your life. ~~When you log on to the Global Campus, go to the English area, look for the Global Library button and then click on the button for your age group below to see which 20 books have been chosen for your book club this year. Your school library can help you to get a copy of the books.
Once you have read a book, test your knowledge by taking the quiz and join in the discussion with other students around the world online. You can earn certificates based on the number of books you read. 

This year’s theme is…Be Ambitious. There are four different writing styles to choose from in this year's competition. Your entry can be a short story, a news article, a biographical sketch or a poem. Visit the Global Campus and get inspired!



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