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Student Section

This story is just a retake on Jurassic park and I have so far written almost two chapters, so today I'm gonna show you an intro and some of the first stuff I did with it (using my favourite resource... the infamous... ... ... WIKIPEDIA!!!) so please read this and enjoy...
Intro: (for those of you who like to read a lot)

It had been an exiting day! Well, kinda, thought Alexis. She had met her granddad for the first time ever; She almost NEVER saw him anymore - he was always at this new dinosaur park that he was working on. She thought it would be a normal amusement park but she was so shocked when she found out what it really was. A real dinosaur park! With REAL dinosaurs! She wasn't the dinosaur geek, it was Tim, her younger brother. Everyone said Alexis was a hacker because of how good she was with computers. It was true, she was AWESOME with computers, even her brother envied her skills. She started to day-dream about using a computer to break into a website - It wasn't too hard! She knew it was fun! She had done it before.

  • Felix Plant

                                                                     Chapter one
Suddenly Lex felt like she was being watched. She was already freaked out being used as a guinea pig for a Dinosaur park tour. AND the power had gone out, leaving her and Tim stranded in the car, an ELECTRIC car! The raining had caused the power generator to shut down. Worst. Day. Ever!!!
Lex wasn't fully adjusted to the darkness yet and she couldn't see anything out there. It was night and raining and the power was out AND to top it all off she was in front of the T Rex's cage. She was feeling really creep-ed out now. I could die tonight, she thought as her eyes became used to the thick darkness engulfing her. Well damn, she was thinking as she saw it approaching, it's a T REX! "We are sooo dead!" she whispered to herself.
Tim was scared, so scared! He was 8, well, almost nine. He wasn't able to cope with this and he was a young child. It was hard for him to process what was happening. A DINOSAUR COULD KILL HIM!
Just as he thought this, he saw it, creeping up to him silently, well, as silently as a 200 kg T Rex can. He saw its claws slicing at the fence: 1,000 volts the sign read! The power was out! Good help it was! "Where's the goat?" asked Lex, and in answer a skinned goat leg landed on the roof of the car, right above Alexis. She screamed! Tim screamed! Also the random man who was their... escort (?) frantically opened the door and bolted, straight for the toilet. "He left us! That man left us here! ALONE!" Lex exclaimed, thinking aloud.
This story is still a work in progress and I will start to hand out copies after I'm done with the second chapter. Also you can help me with ideas once you've read it, so please find me soon, or after a while... maybe, I'm not sure... but anyway, i'll try to get as much done as soon as possible (ASAP) so if you enjoy just tell me...
also I would like to just say that this was awesome to write.

This work of fiction was written by Felix Plant (7 Ro), adapted from a novel from 1990, Jurassic Park.
Jurassic park is a work of fiction written by the wonderful Michael Crichton, died November 4, 2008 - aged 66.
Other Jurassic Park writers are Michael Crichton (already mentioned) and the awesome David Koepp, born June 8th 1963 - age 52.

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