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Report on the Year 8 trip to the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, 13th March, 2015

Report on the Year 8 trip to the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, 13th March, 2015    - Ben Cox and Dries Bruynseels, 8Y

When we entered the art gallery we could see some portraits on the walls. Our guide told us to stop in front of an amazing picture showing heaven by the German genius, Albrecht Durer. Then we moved onto the Breughel collection. Our favourite from the Breughel collection was The Battle Between Carnival and Lent. There were other good paintings in the Breughel collection too, such as the Hunters in the Snow and The Peasant Wedding.

Next, the guide showed us Italian Renaissance paintings such as Madonna in the Meadow painted by Rafael.


We interviewed a few students to comprehend their experience of the museum. Firstly we spoke to Joris Doyle from 8Y, ’I found it interesting; our guide spoke great English. The paintings were nice especially the ones with movement in them.’

Then we moved on to India King ’’I thought it was good and I enjoyed looking at the fabulous paintings. My favorite the Tower of Babel painted by Breughel’’. For our final student Hyemin Ryu we asked what most interesting about the museum. ’’I enjoyed the Breughel collection because it was fabulous.’’

So you may ask any of the Year 8 students about the trip and there first reaction will be ‘‘it was amazing’’.




We all agree that Renaissance arts were beautiful and well-improved from medieval art. But there were two main type of Renaissance art: Italian and Northern. How is the Italian Renaissance different from the Northern Renaissance? The best way is to compare between two pictures from each side. So let’s compare ‘The Birth of Venus’ by Botticelli to ‘The Peasant Dance’ by Pieter Breughel. The first and the most basic difference is the choice of topic. Italian artists usually drew pictures of scenes from Greek mythology and heroic stories. ‘The Birth of Venus’ shows Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty being born. She was born from the blood of her father. She appears in Greek myths as Aphrodite, the Greek counterpart. On the other hand, ‘The Peasant Dance’ literally shows peasants dancing. You can see from this that Northern artists preferred to draw about the life of peasants.

The figures are also drawn differently. It you look at Venus, she is perfectly drawn flawlessly and without a single ugly part. Her hair is absolutely gorgeous and her body is one of a very attractive woman. Compared to her, the woman in the ‘The Peasant Dance’ looks plain. Her face is not shown too clearly but it’s obvious that her face is not as detailed or pretty as Venus. This is due to the theme of the picture. The cloth that a woman is bringing Venus is posh and colourful, like clothes Italian noblewomen might have worn. The clothes that the woman in ‘The Peasant Dance” wears is just ordinary clothes.

We can’t say what is better because the pictures are too different but they have their own beauty and they are much more realistic than medieval paintings. They show many aspects of Renaissance so they’re very valuable.

Rachel Han, 8F

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