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Year 3 IT

Since the beginning of term, Year 3 have been finding interesting and helpful ways to include technology into their lessons.  We have had loads of fun exploring games and quizzes on the schools subscriptions to myimaths and educationcity to help us consolidate our understanding and practice using vocabulary, whilst also developing our mental calculations and accurate rapid recall of facts.  

  • Year 3 IT
  • Year 3 IT
  • Year 3 IT
  • Year 3 IT
  • Year 3 IT
  • Year 3 IT
  • Year 3 IT

Accessing Moodle enabled us to all read and share our enjoyment for a range of Anthony Browne books during reading sessions and we have also enjoyed using the thesaurus and dictionary link on our Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar page to help uplevel our work by making ambitious word choices and checking our spelling more regularly.  We have explored using excel on both the laptops and the ipads. We have collected data and used it to quickly turn into graphs which helped us to draw conclusions more easily as we could see patterns quickly.  We also used the sort functions so that we could list our data alphabetically and in size order which also helped us to draw conclusions.  Our two favourite lessons so far have been creating Pic Collages to record properties of 2 and 3-d shapes.  We were able to take photos of everyday shapes as well as search the internet for suitable images, save them, insert them and write text to share our knowledge.  We have also explored the use of OneNote to share our work.  We particularly like the audio record feature to retell our stories.  Speaking out loud first helps us to order our thoughts and more easily uplevel our ideas with sentence starters, ambitious vocabulary and a range of connectives.

Sarah Cook

3C class teacher
Curriculum Coordinator

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