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CAS Trip 2016

Day 1:    On the 26th of September 2016 the Year 12 students were ready to go to the charming Ruzomberok, located in the centre of Slovakia. In our most comfortable clothes we left Bratislava at 8.30 and arrived at the hotel around 12.30. With mountains, woods and a lake as our first impression of the place, it was absolutely beautiful.

  • CAS Trip 2016
  • CAS Trip 2016
  • CAS Trip 2016
  • CAS Trip 2016
  • CAS Trip 2016
  • CAS Trip 2016
  • CAS Trip 2016
  • CAS Trip 2016
  • CAS Trip 2016
  • CAS Trip 2016
  • CAS Trip 2016
  • CAS Trip 2016
  • CAS Trip 2016
  • CAS Trip 2016

When getting out of the coach we immediately started the activities that were planned for that afternoon, which were zip lining across the lake, a high ropes obstacle course and several smaller games with teambuilding as its main focus. The zipline was described as being an entertaining and memorable experience for many. You had a stunning view over the hotel, woods, lake and mountains and being up there made you less worried about everything. The only downside was that the 30-40 seconds we were zip lining was way too short for me; I could have been up there for hours without getting bored and still being amazed by the environment. Several people were afraid of heights, but still took part in the activities above the ground; I found that very impressive.

Day 2:    Half of the Year 12’s (Group A) visited the Biely Potok Primary School where they would either teach or do service work (creating a mural/ painting), while the other half (Group B) went to the Liptovske museum for service work. I was in group B and I mainly took part in polishing the wood of the museum for maintenance and my favourite part: weeding. The most satisfying moment of that day is each time you pulled at a dry bush of weeds and all of the roots would come out – just an amazing feeling. It was hard work, but very entertaining. On our way back to the bus, we came across an injured but alive snake. I had never seen a wild snake before, so many others and me just stared at this vicious animal for as long as we could.

Day 3:    Today, the groups rotated so group B went to the school and group A to the museum. On Monday we had already arranged who was going to teach and who was going to take care of the mural. I love Art; therefore, I decided to take part in the mural painting, which I think turned out really well. It had a sea/ beach theme, so we decided to paint a mermaid and merman with all of their sea friends (fish, jellyfish, starfish etc). We got a lot of positive comments on it, so I am quite satisfied with the end result.

Day 4:    On this day we only did the Activity part of CAS. After competing with the other form groups in several challenges, we started a hike, which was quite steep. Many of us were physically challenged, but we all managed to get back at the hotel, so that was good. After the hike, we managed to get almost to the top of the mountain and from there some people of each form would race against each other by running a 700m distance. I took part, though I did not realise that we were going to run up the hill; it was exhausting but manageable. Then, in the afternoon we did a sports tournament including Tug of War, Football, and Heads Up, which was a lot of fun.

Day 5:    On our last day, we played one last game: Duck, duck, goose! It was very slippery and many people slid due to that, which was quite funny. After having been outside for a while, we headed towards the coach and started our way back to school.

Every evening we did a range of activities and games (such as Speed-dating, a tinfoil fashion show, “Warriors, Kings, Earth Mothers and Alchemists”, a lot of more games besides), and there was some reflection time. Being a new student at BISB these evenings meant a lot to me. I got to know many new people through the games that I had never spoken to before this trip. People also got to know me better, and I feel I have created a way better bond with certain people since the trip. Thank you to the students and teachers, who made me feel very welcome here.

My favourite moments of this CAS trip, include: Going on our almost daily trip to TESCO, where we stocked up on our food supply; the pleasant feeling of pulling out a whole bunch of roots together in one go; seeing a wild snake; bonding with the people of my year; being a model in the tinfoil fashion show (probably the only time I will ever model since I am 5’2”); wearing the most comfortable clothing day and night, for a whole week (amazing!); zip lining across the lake and finishing the high ropes course; finding out that someone is French, while thinking his nationality was Slovak the whole time since school started and just to stop worrying about school and start “living in the moment” (the advise of Mr Darwell J).

The CAS trip was definitely a rewarding and awesome experience!

Maike Stockfisch, Year 12


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