• Naozaj medzinárodná škola

    Na našej škole máme študentov z viac než 50 rôznych krajín čo nás skutočne robí medzinárodnou rodinou.

    Primary children

  • Inšpirujúce a motivačné prostredie

    Naši motivovaní a vysoko profesionálni zamestnanci v British International School Bratislava sú tu aby zabezpečili aby sa každému dieťaťu darilo.

    Teacher with children

  • Študijné výsledky

    Zameriavame sa predovšetkým na dosahovanie skvelých výsledkov a povzbudzujeme našich študentov rozvíjať svoje individuálne schopnosti a záujem, čo znamená, že každé dieťa u nás prosperuje.

    Student doing presentation

  • Najvyššia kvalita vzdelávania

    Neexistujú žiadne hranice toho, čo naši študenti môžu dosiahnuť a na British International School Bratislava vytvárame prostredie, kde vaše dieťa bude vyniknať akademicky, spoločensky i osobne.

    science lab

  • Vydajte sa s nami na cestu poznávania

    Sme hrdí na našu rastúcu rodinu rodičov, učiteľov a študentov. Radi by sme vás tiež privítali!

    children outside

  • Vedeli ste že...

    Vydali sme prvú BISB kuchársku knihu, ktorú pripravili naše mamičky z PTA.


Message from the Head of Secondary

Winter seems to be upon us, and some of my colleagues have pointed out that it is earlier this year than normal. Not having experienced snow, myself for almost ten years, I am quite enjoying the change, and any requests from my children to go outside are welcomed enthusiastically.

Experiencing change in our lives can be both a daunting experience and a rewarding one. It can be daunting because anything new has many uncertainties, and we are not quite sure how things will turn out in the end. Change can also be rewarding, because of the growth we each experience as individuals as we go through the process of adjusting to change. Change can be challenging, but every challenge offers us opportunities that we would not ordinarily have had if we stayed in our comfort zone. Moving to a new country, changing school, making new friends, all present international school students (and their families) with new and exciting challenges.


  • Drop In November
  • Drop In November
  • Drop In November

As an IB school, we embrace the ten characteristics described by the IB Learner Profile, and we channel our attitude to change through them. Being Open-minded lets us appreciate different perspectives, and to consider other points of view as we ourselves are changed. As Inquirers, we develop our natural curiosity about what change involves, and we develop the skills necessary to learn from the experience. And as Risk-takers, we approach any change with courage, exploring new ideas and strategies with curiosity, eager to see where the change will take us.

Students and teachers are dealing with change every day, developing as individuals and influencing others as the opportunities for learning and growth present themselves. Being in a school alive to the tune of change is a truly exciting experience, and it charges the air with electricity. It reminds me that it is good to have snow in our lives and to be able to make snow statues.

Throughout this newsletter and in other editions too, you will see many examples of how the students and teachers embrace change and take the opportunities that the challenges give them. Enjoy the ride.

Year 10 & 12 Examinations – Term 3

I hope this is the last time I write about this, but I managed to include a typo in my last newsletter that may have confused you. The end of year examinations for Year 10 and Year 12 will run between 15th and 26th May. Apologies for my very human error.

Parent forums

We had a very good response to the Year 7, 8 & 9 forum this month. As it was my first parent forum, I was looking forward to it with some nervousness mixed with excitement. Personally, I think it went rather well. The meeting was conducted in a friendly atmosphere, which allowed for a free and frank exchange of thoughts and opinions. I hope that we answered your questions. I have already shared the feedback I received from parents at the meeting with secondary teachers, and I look forward to hearing how you think we are doing again in the future. Our next parent forums will be in February.

Mathematics in Year 7 & 8

At the beginning of term we started a rotation system for mathematics in Years 7 & 8. The first rotations have been completed, and all students have now finished three units of work. It is at this stage that we had promised to create sets for the classes for the remainder of the year. At the end of this week, the students will complete their final assessment for the rotation, and will bring home a letter which tells parents which of the three mathematics sets they will be in. For further information, please contact Mr Euell, Head of Mathematics.

Homework timetables

At the recent parent forum, we were asked to publish the homework timetables on the school website. This has been done, and you can find these on the “Important Documents for Parents” page (http://www.nordangliaeducation.com/en/our-schools/bratislava/important-documents-for-parents).

Option evenings

Since half term we have run two very successful option evenings for students and parents.

On 9th November we held a meeting for students in Year 9 to take a first look at our IGCSE programme. This is the programme that they will start in September next year, a two year programme that leads to our IB Diploma programme.

On 16th November we held a meeting for students in Year 11 to introduce them to our IB Diploma programme in Years 12 and 13.

At both meetings, students and parents received a programme guide and an options choice form. They also had a chance to meet with teachers to discuss their possible subject choices for September.

If you are interested in either programme and would like to learn more, please contact Ms Gautama (IGCSE) and Mr Darwell (IB Diploma). You will also find information on this website, in the Secondary and IB Diploma pages at (http://www.nordangliaeducation.com/en/our-schools/bratislava/learning).

Parent drop-ins

We have parent drop-ins again next week, and a reminder has been sent to secondary parents this week by email. Parent drop-ins will take place as usual, on Thursday 24th November, between 15:00pm and 16:30pm. Parents for all Year groups (7 to 13), are welcome to come and visit with any of their child’s teachers for short 5 minute conversations about progress to date.

Each teacher will have a sign-up sheet for appointments outside their classroom, if you would like to reserve a time to see them. Some teachers may contact individual parents before Thursday to make an appointment to see them.

Teachers have been reminded to limit their conversations to 5 minutes so that they do not over-run their time. Could I also please ask parents to limit themselves to 5 minutes to be fair to other parents, who also have other teachers to see? Remember, if you and the teacher feel that your conversation will take longer than this, then please make arrangements between you to make an appointment on another day.

Remember also that if you have an urgent concern, you do not need to wait until the next parent drop-in to contact a teacher. All teacher email addresses are in the parent handbook, which you can find on this website at: (http://www.nordangliaeducation.com/en/our-schools/bratislava/important-documents-for-parents).

Paul Harrison
Head of Secondary

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