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Bratislava Big Sing

140 children from 7 school and 3 countries took part in the Bratislava Big Sing 2016.

Schools participating in the Bratislava Big Sing 2016:

Vienna International School

American International School Vienna

AMADEUS International School Vienna

The American International School of Budapest

The British International School Budapest

Cambridge International School Bratislava

The British International School Bratislava

  • Bratislava Big Sing
  • Big Sing
  • Bratislava Big Sing
  • The Sons of Pitches
  • The Sons of Pitches
  • Bratislava Big Sing
  • Bratislava Big Sing
  • Big Sing
  • Big Sing
  • Big Sing
  • Big Sing
  • Big Sing
  • Big Sing
  • Big Sing

The Big Sing by Hannah Conway 4B
On Friday we were preparing for the Big Sing & we had so many rehearsals but it was worth it: we had a great time. It was the biggest show I have ever done and I found myself really nervous before the show and I had butterflies in my tummy.
We were 7 schools and we learned the songs separately in our own schools until we knew them properly. It was 140 children and we rehearsed together for the first time on Friday morning. We had to learn 8 songs. They were called 'I wanna boogie', 'Into the west', 'Best day of my life', 'Yenemanoah', 'Rollerghoster', 'Wayfaring Stranger', 'Pop Idol' and 'Circle March'. My favorite was 'Best day of my life' because it was the best day of my life!
One amazing thing that happened, the reason why it was the best day of my life, was that the Sons Of Pitches came. They inspired me because one of them was beat boxing, one of them was making funny noises – they were all doing different parts. And it made them sound like they had Mrs Hatinova playing piano, or Mr Juraj on the drums. It's inspiring because I have never heard anyone do that before and I've never heard anyone do that and if you were to compare it to One Direction – who were my favourite band – they have a band to support them but Sons Of Pitches just find ways to make it sound like there's music in the background. They practiced lots and it's all paid off.
In the beginning I was frightened I wouldn't know all the songs and I would make a mistake and look silly and people would laugh at me. With the support of Mrs Hatinova and her a Capella group and Ms Kirkby and her choir and finally Ms Howarth for helping us tweeze it and polish it I felt proud and confident. I would like to give a big thank you to all the teachers that have let children come away from lessons and all the teachers that have helped teach the songs from every school. If you want advice the key is to listen well in your lessons in your choir or a Capella group and learn the words. If you are frightened and don’t want to do it remember keep a big smile on your face and the audience wont notice your mistake. Just enjoy yourself and forget about all the stress and pressure.
The end.

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