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The Tanzania team visit Narnia School

On Monday 24th April, the Tanzania team visited Narnia primary school in Petrzalka, along with Ms Williams and Mr Harrison.

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Narnia School asked us to visit them so that they could learn about our fundraising projects. They have been focusing on how to be caring and make a difference in the community, so they asked us to come in and tell them all about our Tanzania Project and the Kramare Hospital Fundraising Project. We took a team of eleven students, from both Year 9 and Year 12, and we spent the morning with their Year 5 students.

The day started with an assembly to the whole year group. Leon Zeleny started us off by explaining who we are, and why we believe fundraising is so important. Maike Stockfishe then explained our Tanzania project and where we go each year. Mollie Wilcox and Grace Warmington showed pictures of what life in like for people living in rural Tanzania, and why they need our help. Lauren Kelly told them about the very first Tanzania trip, which took place 4 years ago, and then Lea Hartlett told them all about what they did this year. Ju Hee Jong explained how they raised money for the trip, and Joshua Marriot told us how that money was spent. Jules Smekens and Hyeok Jun Kim then told us about their favourite memories of the trip.  We also wanted to tell them about our local fundraising projects too so Barbara Medenica told them all about our Kramare Hospital Project too.

After the assembly, we split up into 3 teams for workshops. Each team worked with 20 of Narnia’s students to help them create and design their own fundraising ideas. They made posters to show their plans, and then voted for which project they want to run. Narnia School will now take this ideas forward, and run their own projects so that they can also make a difference to the lives of others.

It was amazing to see how interested the children were in hearing about our experiences. They didn’t know much about fundraising at the start of the day, but now they all have some great ideas of things they can do in their own school and community.

Our BISB students did a fantastic job, and showed impressive amounts of maturity and confidence. They are a perfect example of the great things we can achieve when we work together and are ambitious!  

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