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  • Vedeli ste že...

    sme otvorili novú budovu škôlky hneď vedľa našej hlavnej budovy na Pekníkovej ulici?


  • Naozaj medzinárodná škola

    Na našej škole máme študentov z viac než 50 rôznych krajín čo nás skutočne robí medzinárodnou rodinou.

    Primary children

  • Inšpirujúce a motivačné prostredie

    Naši motivovaní a vysoko profesionálni zamestnanci v British International School Bratislava sú tu aby zabezpečili aby sa každému dieťaťu darilo.

    Teacher with children

  • Študijné výsledky

    Zameriavame sa predovšetkým na dosahovanie skvelých výsledkov a povzbudzujeme našich študentov rozvíjať svoje individuálne schopnosti a záujem, čo znamená, že každé dieťa u nás prosperuje.

    Student doing presentation

Extended Curriculum

Learning outside the traditional classroom setting is an important part of our students’ development. We are very fortunate to have access to unique resources and outstanding opportunities in our part of the world.

  • Students in uniform with PE teacher
  • Enrichment class in bubble gym
  • art class
  • art class
  • Enriching student activities
  • Basketball
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Football
  • Code Camp
  • science
  • Table Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • String Orchestra
  • history
  • History


At BISB we have continued to increase the breadth and depth of our Enrichment offer both in terms of our core Enrichment on Wednesday afternoons and Enrichment clubs at lunch time and after school.

As well as traditional sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, cricket, rugby and tennis our students can explore their talents in areas such as robotics, cookery, problem solving, climbing, pottery and climbing, to name but a few.

Students also have the chance to participate in high profile events such as the International Award, the Tanzania Expedition, Young Enterprise Award, and Maths and Science Challenges.

Extended music and dance opportunities are extensive and we have been the most successful school in Nord Anglia Education with regard to Global Campus initiatives and competitions.

All students reflect on and record their progress and each year they work towards achieving different levels of the BISB Diploma. Overall it has been another great year in which our students have been able to further develop their confidence, responsibility, teamwork and leadership skills.


Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)

CAS is a wonderful opportunity for IB students to engage with the wider world and learn through experience. It is a chance for students to develop their awareness of important local and global issues, and make a difference to those issues.

CAS gives students the opportunity to find time to help others and in doing so learn more about themselves as individuals. It also provides opportunities to tap into new strengths and to explore their own values and attitudes through interaction with world around them. CAS offers our students a different learning experience beyond the traditional rigours of academic study.

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