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  • Naozaj medzinárodná škola

    Na našej škole máme študentov z viac než 50 rôznych krajín čo nás skutočne robí medzinárodnou rodinou.

    Primary children

  • Inšpirujúce a motivačné prostredie

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  • Študijné výsledky

    Zameriavame sa predovšetkým na dosahovanie skvelých výsledkov a povzbudzujeme našich študentov rozvíjať svoje individuálne schopnosti a záujem, čo znamená, že každé dieťa u nás prosperuje.

    Student doing presentation

Joanne Harvey-Wilcox

Since graduating from Bradford University in 1993 I have enjoyed a long and varied career in teaching around the world. During this time I have been fortunate to have taught in great schools across England, as well as Saudi Arabia, India and South Korea. I have recently moved to Slovakia with my family to extend my teaching experience in Europe and I am enjoying the welcome that BISB extends to all staff and students.

Teaching English and drama enables me to help students to gain skills which are fundamental to life such as: confident speaking, articulate communication, and critical reading. But it also allows students to gain empathy and international understanding through a wealth of literature. I am particularly enthusiastic about performance poetry, public speaking and debate and theatre.

I love to travel with my family and we are looking forward to the exciting travel opportunities that living in Slovakia provides. I am keen to explore the local area in terms of food, history, culture and arts. I also love the new range of literature that moving to new country opens up and I have begun to read translated texts written in or about Slovakia; the next on my list is Year of the Frog by Martin Simecka.

To me HPL makes explicit what all good teachers do: treat students as individuals, see the potential in each individual and enable them to be successful through guidance, mentoring and coaching. For students this would mean providing an encouraging and comfortable environment in which they can take risks with no fear. It would also shape their experience by challenging them with high expectations and create excellent study habits for an education that does not stop at 18.

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