BISAD Diploma

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The BISAD Diploma supports our students’ entire education experience, nurturing their personal, social, and academic growth. From Year 1 to Year 11, your child will work towards bronze, silver, and gold awards by achieving success in and beyond the classroom.

BISAD Diploma categories

At BIS Abu Dhabi, we take a holistic approach to our students’ education. Our BISAD Diploma values every aspect of your child’s learning and personal development, where students are supported to achieve their absolute best in academic, sporting, and creative fields. They also take part in activities that hone important social skills, like respect, kindness, and a willingness to help others.

The BISAD Diploma has nine categories. Our students record their achievements against each category in their Diploma Portfolio.

Our younger students work towards the following characteristics: Thoughtful, Risk-taker, Reflective, Resilient, Knowledgeable, Curious, Respectful, Resourceful, Communicator, and Empathetic.

For our secondary students, the characteristics mirror the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) Learning Profile: Thinker, Risk-taker, Reflective, Principled, Open-Minded, Knowledgeable, Inquirer, Communicator, Caring, and Balanced.


Making progress

Each year, students aim to complete their BISAD Diploma. There are three tiers:


Examples of student success

To bring the BISAD Diploma to life, we’ve provided some activity suggestions against each category.

Service: Helping a younger child with their homework, donating to or fundraising for a good cause, or coming up with a charity initiative.

Leadership: Captaining a sports team, leading a new project or idea, or teaching someone how to do something.

House: Taking part in a House Day or the BIS Got Talent show, earning the most House Points in a month, or volunteering to be House Captain.

CCAs: Attending a CCA, using a CCA to improve a skill, or applying something learnt in a CCA.

Academics: Taking part in an out-of-school academic activity, challenging themselves to do an activity they find hard, making progress in a subject, or doing an exceptional piece of homework.

Cultural: Visiting a famous UAE landmark, completing their own research about the UAE, or travelling and trying local traditions.

Sport: Playing in a team or competition, getting a sports certificate, or trying a new sport.

Arts: Taking part in a show, playing an instrument, performing a poem in class, watching a film and writing a review, or visiting a gallery.

Environmental Awareness: Recycling, adopting reusable products, or making people aware of environmental issues.


How can parents help?

You can support your child to succeed by: