Our healthy, well-balanced meals are freshly prepared every day, giving your child the fuel they need for a busy day of learning.

What we eat at BISAD

Our school lunch menu is provided by ADNH Compass, the largest catering group in the world. ADNH Compass prepares healthy, nutritious meals that give our students' the energy they need for the day.


Freshly prepared every day, ADNH Compass offers a selection of hot and cold options, creating tasty menus that meet ADFCA, ADEK, and HAAD standards. Their team of specialists, headed by Australian Masterchef Richard Green, have developed a ‘Smart Food’ concept, which ensures everything they prepare is well-balanced, healthy, and meets our students' needs.


Packed lunches

If you prefer, your child can bring a packed lunch and morning snack with them. Please remember that we're a nut-free school. We also ask that you're sensitive about bringing in non-halal items.