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Student Services and Support

After School Activities (ASA) Programme

The After School Activities (ASAs) programme at Northbridge International School Cambodia provides participating students with the opportunity to broaden their interests and skills in areas that complement the regular school programme.

ASAs provide a wide range of activities which promote skill development and social and personal growth. The activities include options for students to participate in sports, visual arts, performing arts, ICT, language learning and more. Activities vary with each session depending on scheduling and availability of facilities. Fees are charged for participation in ASAs and costs for activities differ. Activity schedules and registrations form are available in the Northbridge International School Cambodia Administration office at the beginning of every session.


Field Trip and Travel Policies

Educational field study trips are an important part of the school’s overall co- and extra-
curricular programme. They play an integral role in students’ intercultural learning experiences. It is expected that all students will participate in planned field trips. When a field trip is planned, parents will receive notice of the trip and related details including any costs associated with the trip. Parents are required to sign a permission slip allowing their child to go on the trip. We also ask parents to sign a local field trip permission slip that will be valid the entire school year. Students without permission will be ineligible to attend the trip. Students should come prepared for varying weather conditions, which includes bringing a hat, sunscreen, and a raincoat when appropriate.


Interscholastic Sports and Exchanges—MRISA

The Mekong River International Schools Association (MRISA) is our regional sports and activities league, of which Northbridge International School Cambodia is a charter member. The organization is made up of eight international schools: NISC, International School of Phnom Penh, Vientiane International School, International School of Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon South International School, Hanoi International School, United Nations International School in Hanoi, and the International School Eastern Seaboard in Thailand. Teams compete against other local international schools throughout the season, culminating in the MRISA Sport Exchange. The Sports Exchanges are broken into two divisions: Junior (Grades 6 to 8), 14 years of age or younger by the first day of competition; and Senior (Grades 9 to 12), 18 years or younger by the first day of competition. Sports exchanges offer students two days of competition against the other MRISA schools as well as the opportunity to make new friends and experience different cultures. Students participating in an exchange are expected to take part in all practices leading up to the event. In addition to the practice schedule, athletes will compete against other local teams in preparation for an exchange. A schedule of these games is published at the beginning of each sports season.

Students are expected to cover all travel costs associated with MRISA exchanges, including required travel insurance. When Northbridge International School Cambodia is hosting a MRISA event, it is our hope that our students and their families will support this exchange with their time and energy and/or by providing accommodation for visiting participants. Travel/Health Insurance: Ensuring the safety of children is our top priority. To that end, Northbridge International School Cambodia will require and provide travel insurance for all children when they travel on school sponsored trips outside of Cambodia. The insurance will cover lost luggage, cancellation of tickets, medical care, and emergency evacuation. The cost of the insurance will be added to the expenses for the trip and will not exceed $35.00.


Student Lockers

Students in Grade 6 through Grade 12 are issued lockers. The lockers are located on the second and third floors of the Secondary School building. Students must not affix permanent attachments (such as labels or stickers) to their lockers. Students must pay for any locker damage and provide their own lock.


Lost and Found

The lost and found is located in the school’s Main office. Students should check there for lost articles. We ask that students refrain from bringing valuable jewelry or other expensive non-essential items to school. Northbridge International School Cambodia is not responsible for any loss or breakage to these items.


Parent Group

The Northbridge International School Cambodia Parent Group brings together parents for the purpose of furthering the development of the school, promoting the welfare of the students, enhancing communication and encouraging social interaction between the school families and the school. The Parent Group supports the school in maintaining its standard of excellence and believes that parent involvement enriches the educational experience for all students.


Correspondence, Inquiries and Office Hours

Northbridge International School Cambodia school personnel are here to assist you as needed. NISC offices (Main Office, Admissions Office, and Business Office), telephones, and email are attended daily from 7:30am until 4:30pm, Monday to Friday except on holidays as designated by our school calendar. We welcome meeting with all parents as needed; however, due to the busy nature of the school, we ask that you make a prior appointment before meeting with administrators and teachers. To communicate with Northbridge International School Cambodia, please use the contact information provided at the end of this Handbook.

During the Summer holiday admissions staff are available to answer your general questions, supply you with appropriate forms and documents and undertake admissions testing if required.


Guidance and Counseling Services

Students are supported academically, socially and emotionally by a qualified school counselor. The counselor provides support to all Grade 6 through Grade 12 students, parents, teachers and staff. The counselor meets with individuals and groups both privately and in classrooms. The counselor provides both social and emotional counseling as well as career and university planning.

The counselor works with the Admissions Office to help students transition successfully into our school and as they exit our school to pursue their studies elsewhere. The counselor also works closely with administrators, the school nurse, coordinators of the Middle Years Program and Diploma Program, and teachers to support students who may need additional guidance. Referrals are made to the counselor when there are concerns regarding students’ behavior, social, mental, or physical needs.

Counseling students in Grades 6 through 12 focuses on helping students to continue developing their social skills and exploring their career and university opportunities. Students are assisted with the university selection, application, and acceptance process. The counselor also helps 12th Grade students examine their impending transition from NISC to university.


Health Services and Requirements

The school’s Health Room is overseen by a registered nurse. The Health Room is provisioned with medical kits and other items to deal with minor illnesses and injuries. The services of the Health Room are available throughout the school day. For emergency needs, a school vehicle is available for transporting an ill or injured student to a local clinic or to their home. Parents are notified immediately whenever an emergency occurs.

With their teacher’s permission, an ill or injured student may check in at the Health Room at any time during the school day. Otherwise, a teacher may refer a student to the school nurse for specific reasons – personal health, hygiene concerns, or other problems related to their health and general wellbeing.

Reminder: Parents are required to provide emergency contact information for each child enrolled at Northbridge International School Cambodia. The school will call the emergency contact in the event neither parent can be reached. It is vital that the school is able to contact a responsible adult in time of an emergency. Please help us keep contact numbers current by updating any changes.

In case of serious injury or emergency, a First Aider will first carry out stabilizing first aid procedures while the nurse is notified. Shortly thereafter, the school will notify the parent. If deemed necessary, the school will see that the student is transported by school car or bus or a contracted ambulance service (accompanied by a school employee) to the designated medical clinic for treatment. Note: The cost of any ambulance is the responsibility of the parents.

If parents find that a child has a contagious disease or condition – such as the influenza, measles, chicken pox or pediculosis (lice) – they need to immediately notify the School Nurse or the School Office. Exposure notices will be distributed to affected students, alerting parents and providing them with pertinent information. When the student is ready to return to school, they must bring a doctor’s note before resuming class.


Old Injuries, Chronic Illnesses and Medication

Full disclosure of a student’s medical history helps us to help you. School personnel are not able to treat pre-existing injuries or to prescribe treatment or medication for students. The school nurse may, however, give Tylenol for minor headaches, earaches, sore throats and to reduce fever, as long as parents have given the school prior permission to do so by completing and signing the Health Form.

In addition, the office staff may administer medicine prescribed by a physician, if the student brings a signed note from the parents or doctor with the medication name, dosage and reason for its need. If your child requires a special medication from time to time (for example, an inhaler for asthma; Benadryl for a known allergy), please send it along in a clearly marked package to the School Nurse to be used as needed. Students are not allowed to carry medicine during school hours.


Special Education Needs (SEN)

Northbridge International School Cambodia provides Special Education Needs (SEN) services on a limited basis to students whose needs can be met in an inclusive classroom setting. As an IB World School, we believe a diverse and inclusive learning community enables us to demonstrate the Learner Profile in action.


EAL Department

Mission: The EAL department strives to support students and teachers to become active language learners and teachers.

Vision: English Language Learners should be able to access to all areas of the curriculum in the most inclusive, and least restrictive environment possible and be empowered to be active members of the Northbridge International School Cambodia (NISC) community.

As an International School, NISC values the rich diversity that different languages and cultures bring to an educational community. The EAL department supports English language learners as they acquire the level of English needed to communicate effectively in social situations at school and be academically successful in their classrooms. 

At NISC English Language Learners (ELL’s) are immersed in the classroom, providing a language rich learning environment and ensuring them equal access to the curriculum. While the majority of students at NISC are non-native English speakers, students who are newer to English and require additional language support are identified as EAL students (English as an Additional Language). EAL students study English Language Acquisition. In their other classes both classroom teacher and EAL specialist collaborate to provide sheltered instruction as outlined in the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP)


Cafeteria Food Service and Drinking Water

All Northbridge International School Cambodia students have a mid-morning break, providing for a snack, if desired. Students may bring snacks with appropriate drinks or buy on school site.

All students in Grades 6 - 12 eat lunch in the Secondary School Cafeteria. Students may bring their lunch from home or purchase a lunch program option.

Students are cautioned against drinking from the general water supply. However, commercially prepared drinking water is available at all times from water coolers located around Northbridge International School Cambodia. Secondary school students should bring their own drinking containers.


Transportation: Optional Busing Provision

For the convenience of students needing transportation to or from NISC, the school sub-contracts bus services through a local transportation company.

Student bus service is applied for through the Main office. Bus transportation is an optional service and fees must be paid in advance. Fees are charged on a per quarter basis; any use within a quarter is levied a full quarter’s fee.

Bus students wishing to ride a bus other than their regularly assigned bus MUST bring a note signed by a parent or guardian to the school office early at the beginning of the day of the change request. In case of crowded buses, such requests may not be honored. Students are not permitted to ride on a different bus without prior permission. Students who have not signed up for the regular bus service may still ride the bus home on a specific afternoon by following these guidelines:

1. They must make prior arrangements through the school office to guarantee space;

2. A one-way ticket costs $5.00 per trip. For requested use of the ASA bus (one-way only) by a non-regular bus rider, a fee of $5.00 per day will be included in the student’s ASA fees.

To discontinue use of the bus service, written notice must be given to the Northbridge International School Cambodia Business Office at least two (2) weeks in advance. Refunds will be made for only quarters in which the student has not used the bus.

Good behavior by students while entering, riding and disembarking from buses is essential and required. Failure to adhere to established expectations is grounds for discontinuing bus privileges. In case of suspension from riding the bus due to misconduct, a student will forfeit any refund of bus fees already paid.


Outside Resources

The Head of Secondary, counselor, and teachers work closely to determine available outside resources that may help students who need speech therapy, testing services, hearing tests, professional counseling, etc. Services for students will be at the parent’s expense. The school will assist in arranging this referral, if necessary.