Managing student stress and workload at Northbridge

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Managing student stress and workload at Northbridge
Students at Northbridge International School Cambodia are encouraged to be ambitious. Through excellent and innovative teaching and learning experiences, we provide the right conditions for everyone to achieve their very best academically.
What does it mean when we talk about inquiry-based learning?
Inquiry-based learning at Northbridge International School Cambodia is the act of gaining knowledge and skills through asking questions and finding or creating solutions
How we're teaching Northbridge students to advocate for themselves
As a teacher, a parent and a grade level leader at Northbridge International School Cambodia, I am a great proponent for teaching children to advocate for themselves. Self advocacy helps foster independence and success. Self advocacy means students speak up for themselves, ask for what they need, and ask for help. Many of our students have expressed low confidence in communicating with teachers and advocating for what they need.

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