Why the house system at Northbridge is much more than a tribute to Harry Potter

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What stepping into the High School years means at Northbridge
Graduation Day is the pinnacle of students' time at Northbridge International School Cambodia. A single day of celebration represents the culmination of years of effort. Think of it like an iceberg - you see the very tip, but there’s a whole mass of support hidden under the water.
How Northbridge provides students with a pathway to success in business and beyond
Northbridge International School Cambodia students achieve more than even they may have thought possible. We truly believe there is no limit to what students can achieve socially, personally and academically. Northbridge students excel at a range of disciplines, as shown by our excellent IB Diploma results this year, which this year were the best in the country.
Why parents are one of the most important factors in their child's careers pathway at Northbridge
At Northbridge International School Cambodia, parents are a major influence in their child's career development and decision-making.

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