Welcome to the new school year at Northbridge from the Head of Secondary

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Students as agents of change
Someone once asked me what my ultimate goal as an educator was. I responded that it was to release change agents into the world. To see students who have been in our school go out into society and take action to make it a better place is for me the true measure of success for us as educators. This is why when I heard of what the Grade 3 students were doing, I was so excited and proud of our teachers and our students.
Why mother tongue matters
Many parents are so excited at the prospect of teaching their child how to speak English, that they neglect the most important foundation in learning English which is fluency in their mother tongue.
The importance of reading stamina
In Grade 2, students have been working on increasing their reading stamina. This is the child’s ability to read independently for longer periods of time. Students in Grade 2 Green have been working on this together, reading for a little longer each day and plotting their progress on a bar chart. This will really help to build stronger readers!

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