Welcome to the Northbridge family. We hail from many communities – but together we are one.


Here are the most important dates for your diary in the upcoming school year.
Semester 1
Monday 16 Aug to Friday 17 Dec 2021
Pchum Ben
Monday 04 Oct to Friday 08 Oct 2021
Winter break
Monday 20 Dec 2021 to Friday 07 Jan 2022
Semester 2
Monday 10 Jan to Friday 17 Jun 2022
School Break
Friday 18 Feb to Tuesday 22 Feb 2022
Khmer New Year
Monday 04 Apr to Monday 18 Apr 2022
Summer holiday begins
Monday 20 Jun 2022


Northbridge offers students opportunities to express their artistry and individuality through our Learning Enrichment Activities Programme (LEAP), designed to open children’s eyes to a world of extracurricular possibilities.
For many students, learning an instrument is the first time they truly find their ‘voice’. 
Create choreographed pieces both recreationally and competitively.  
There’s no better way for students to boost their confidence than stepping into the spotlight. 
Arts and Crafts
Younger students realise their own creativity while honing their hand–eye coordination and gross motor skills. 

First Aid
Your child will learn the basic techniques to cope and stay calm in an emergency situation. 


Students don’t just rapidly become fluent in speaking and writing, but also learn all about the culture of China. 


Children construct their very own robots under the guidance of an MIT-trained STEAM expert! 

This club caters to those students who are passionate about immersing themselves in a world of science and technology. 


Students take a well-earned break with their friends in modern cafeteria, enjoying a healthy and nutritious meal freshly cooked by our experienced chefs.


  • Is there a parent group I can join?
    Yes, we have a parent group who meet monthly. Email for more details. 

  • Can I buy a new PE kit or house shirt?
    You can purchase the items from the school shop.  
  • How can my child buy school meals?
    They can use the catering card supplied. 
  • Is there a list of school dates available?
    Yes, there’s a full calendar for 2021–22. 
  • Can my child join the school bus service? 
    Of course. Email for information.


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