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We believe a great education is one that balances academic outcomes, character development and student wellbeing.

By openly exploring wellbeing, we’re able to create a school culture where our students feel empowered to flourish academically, socially, physically and psychologically. Our students leave Northbridge with the tools to enjoy the wonderful moments in life, and also ‘bounce back’ in times of adversity.



Our collaborations with world-leading institutions will help your child discover and foster their natural talents, while developing important life skills through exciting global projects.

The Juilliard School
Our collaboration with the world’s most renowned arts institution enriches our students’ love of dance, drama and music.
The MIT-Nord Anglia STEAM programme helps our students to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills by tackling interdisciplinary challenges facing the world today.
Students are challenged to make a difference locally and globally by tackling the Sustainable Development Goals.
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With a wide range of exciting extracurricular activities, your child will discover their talents, while developing their wellbeing, resilience and sense of team.
Sports and Athletics

Our students are encouraged to enjoy the many sports we offer in our outstanding facilities.

Sports and Athletics

All Northbridge teams compete locally with other Phnom Penh schools, and are proud members of the regional Asean Sports and Activities Conference (ASAC).

Practiced and played on two grassy outdoor fields, football is a big part of student life at Northbridge. 

We teach our students the basic skills of basketball before they learn how to tactically use them in complex play on the school team.

Our volleyball team has the perfect conditions for our students to develop resilience, discover the meaning of sportsmanship, and commit to a cause greater than themselves. 

We see learning how to swim as one of life’s essential skills for our Northbridge students. Our dedicated Aquatics Centre is designed to teach all students how to swim, while the best go on to join the school swim team.

Dance and Drama

Cultivating children’s creativity is key to their success and happiness.

Dance and Drama

Under the guidance of expert instructors, our Northbridge students dance until their hearts are content in small developmental performances and larger routines. The world leader in performing arts education, The Julliard School guides our dance curriculum.

Our students broaden their improvisation and acting skills, as well as grow their self-esteem by working from scripted materials, playing games, and writing and performing their own screen plays through our drama programme.


Our music programmes encourage your child to engage with music in the most powerful way. We aim to instil a love of music that will last a lifetime.



From an early age, our students explore the fundamentals of melody, first by learning to play the keyboard, followed by developing their musical skills and knowledge to be able to identify and understand harmonies.

Entrepreneurial Studies
Enables students to realise the power they possess to be problem identifiers and solvers in life.
Entrepreneurial Studies
Our Entrepreneurial Studies through US-based The Startup Studio, supports our students as they discover how to be change makers in an immersive, fun and collaborative environment. Together, they explore the entrepreneur within through design thinking and startup methodology. They develop the skills to give them a competitive edge for university, and teach what’s needed to participate in a 21st century economy.
Outdoor Education



Our global trips and local excursions give our students life-changing experiences, and help them build friendships that will last a lifetime.
Les Martinets, Switzerland
Creating young explorers through adventure and discovery.
Les Martinets, Switzerland
Our students discover the magic of the mountains when they embark on this exciting, challenging expedition. Their journey through the magnificent Swiss Alps begins in Les Martinets and gives them a first-hand taste of alpine life.  
Physical endurance is combined with breath-taking scenery, as they learn to navigate, cook outdoors, and work together as a team to reach their destination. It’s an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. 
Arusha, Tanzania
Broadening minds and experiencing new cultures. 
Arusha, Tanzania
Arusha in North-Eastern Tanzania is a vibrant town, which sits at the foot of volcanic Mount Meru and is known as the safari gateway. This magical corner of the world is opened to our students through our citizenship expedition.  
They are given the chance to learn about global responsibility and sustainability, the power and fragility of nature, and the important role we all play in protecting the planet.  
Working with the local community on building projects, they experience the responsibility and commitment needed to make a lasting difference – while creating lifelong friendships along the way. 
Local & National Trips

Learning Outside of the Classroom.

Local & National Trips
Our students visit local destinations of cultural and historical interest, including the Royal Palace and National Museum. They also join their friends and teachers on overnight trips to Siem Reap, a gateway to the ruins of Angkor, visit the national beauty of Kep, and experience adventurous outdoor camps through the mountains of Kirirom.
wellbeing & resilience


We’ll help your child find the best ways to look after themselves, and develop the resilience to thrive in life.

All our teachers receive dedicated wellbeing training through the world-renowned Anna Freud Center, so they’re even better equipped to take care of our students, and our specialist staff offer a full range of academic and wellbeing support services.

While mindfulness is embedded in Primary and Secondary, our students can also independently access a wealth of resources to keep their minds and bodies fit through our exclusive online platform, Global Campus.



We believe it’s important to nurture a generation of wise, responsible global citizens, who feel empowered to make positive differences to their communities.

Our students understand that their success is not solely reliant on their academic achievements, but also on their character and actions. As part of the IB Diploma, students complete at least 150 hours a year of extracurricular endeavours, and through our Share a Dream initiative, they grow into dynamic change agents by fundraising, researching, advocating for and serving local NGOs.

Our Global Campus platform also challenges and inspires our students through Global Goals, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the UNICEF Global Challenge.

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Under the guidance of experienced leaders, students are primed to discover new sports, arts and languages, as well as embark on adventures with like-minded friends.
Promo campus


Our spacious 8-hectare campus is a leafy oasis, providing a much-needed park-like atmosphere for our students in a city where green space is lacking. They play outside on tree-lined fields, in a quiet atmosphere far from the busy city that lies beyond the school walls.