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01 March, 2015

Essa Al Balosha Gets the Gold

Essa Al Balosha Gets the Gold
Essa Al Balosha Gets the Gold

Essa Al Baloshi has made it through to the Gold level of testing with Aspire Academy's Talent Identification team! 

Essa successfully passed the Bronze and Silver testing earlier this year, and took part in the Gold testing two weeks ago. These tests have three levels -  Bronze testing (which is non-selective), the silver testing (highly selective) and Gold. The students who successfully get through the Gold level are potentially offered a full scholarship at Aspire Academy. This allows Aspire to provide them with opportunities to further develop their sporting potential and possible careers, both athletically and academically.

The 2015 Silver testing in which Essa participated, was comprised of 160 of the strongest Year 6 boys across the country (approximately the top 3%), identified by the Bronze testing in schools, as well as nomimations from Multi Skills Sports Development (MSSD) centres and federations. From the 160 boys who took part, only 60 have been selected and confirmed to progress to the Gold Camp, which will take place on 16 -17 March. 

This is a fantastic achievement on Essa's part and everybody at CISAK is very proud of him!