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16 December, 2018

Secondary School - 16th December 2018

Secondary School
Secondary School

What a term!

The anticipated greatness of the planned Qatar National Day celebrations tomorrow at school is only another example of all the successes met together since September. As always, it is an infinite pleasure to witness your children grow stronger in their determination to find their own path to success and in their ability to develop into global, responsible world citizens. Thank you for the trust you place in our Secondary School to help your children become the best that they can be.

From our International Day Fair to our World Children’s Day activities, our first International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) unit to our Global Campus participation, our first IGCSE November session to the trip to University Expo Qatar, our successful sports competitions to our whole-school House events, this term’s incredible events are far too numerous to have a chance to be exhaustively listed. I am happy to share today an article written by Leah Murray and some Year 9 students on the Exit Point of our Year 9 IMYC unit, as well as many photos that demonstrate the students’ commitment to act responsibly. A massive thank you to the Science team for leading our first-ever IMYC unit at NAISAK!

Throughout the term, our Year 9 students have been incorporating the theme of responsibility in each lesson. The first International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) module wrapped up on Thursday morning after a successful clean-up of Al Farkiya Beach in Al Khor. A cross-curricular theme brought cohesion to students’ day while providing challenging opportunities to reflect on their own understanding of what ‘being responsible’ means. Having the chance to clean Al Farkiya Beach for the morning gave the students an insight to how every choice we make can impact the people around us or the wider community. The students were able to share some of their reflections about what responsibility means to them.

‘We have learned to be more aware that the environment is affected by the choices we make.’

Nurin, Ellyca and Dana

‘Numerous plastics and metals were scattered all around the beach, cleaning it up has made us more responsible for looking after our environment, this will benefit not only our future, but the animals as well.’


‘I enjoyed cleaning the beach because I care about the environment, dropping our rubbish means we are responsible for the damage it causes.’


‘If we all make the choice to be responsible for our actions it will make the environment a much cleaner, safer place for us and the animals.’

Dexter and Othman

We look forward to continuing with other IMYC modules to bring more consistency throughout the students’ day while focusing on other big ideas!