06 February, 2024

NAISAK Students take part in the 2024 Tanzania Expedition

Tanzania 2024

Year 10 NAISAK students participated in this special expedition that collaborated with our partner charity in Tanzania (Seeway) on sustainable programs, improving health and prospects for children and families. This included connecting with many local partners supporting in Educational facilities, sports coaching and sustainable agriculture. 

This was a unique opportunity to experience Tanzanian culture, meet fellow Nord Anglia students from around the world, and build lifelong friendships.

During this period, students cultivated self-assurance, self-reliance, and leadership capabilities. They collaborated within a team to effectively manage their time, fostering resilience, persistence, and resourcefulness, along with a genuine sense of global awareness.

Prior to and following the expedition, students actively participated in the Global Campus online platform, raising funds for essential building materials, goats, and trip preparations. The Tanzania Expedition provided an outstanding chance not only to explore Tanzanian culture and its challenges but also to connect with Nord Anglia peers worldwide, forming enduring friendships.

In a remarkable demonstration of empathy, community unity, and a dedication to creating a tangible impact, our students embarked on a transformative journey to Tanzania. This immersive experience involved not only contributing to classroom construction but also engaging in various projects aimed at improving the lives of the local community.

The achievements in Tanzania extended beyond mere construction; they were about forging connections of empathy, understanding, and hope. Our students have not merely made a tangible impact on the Tanzanian communities but have also planted the seeds for a more illuminated and interconnected future for everyone involved.