16 January, 2024

YEY! Award 2024 Launch

The Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award 2024

Launched in January 2024, the YEY! Award (Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award) is a unique award developed by staff at NAISAK and is intended to enable NAISAK students to gather their brilliant entrepreneurial ideas and work with mentors to help communicate their ideas to others. The award is open for students from year 5-13.

The primary objective of the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award is to encourage and reward the entrepreneurial mindset among our students.

This initiative seeks to identify, support, and celebrate the most promising young entrepreneurs within our NAISAK student community and encourage them to explore their creativity. 

Students have been tasked to work in teams (or individually) and choose an idea that either adds value or benefits Qatar, the school or the Al Khor community. 

Subcategories participants can choose to work on, include:

  • Travel and Tourism
  • Design
  • Health
  • Environment
  • STEAM (Technology)
  • Entertainment & Arts
  • Humanities and Culture

The YEY! Award serves as a catalyst for fostering innovation, ambition, and community engagement among our NAISAK students. By empowering them to explore diverse avenues within the specified subcategories, we aim to not only recognise outstanding entrepreneurial endeavors but also to inspire a generation of forward-thinking individuals committed to making a positive impact on Qatar, the school, and the Al Khor community.

We look forward to witnessing the remarkable ideas and contributions that emerge from this initiative and remain dedicated to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit within our student body.