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06 January, 2019

NAISAK Qatar National Day 2018

NAISAK Qatar National Day 2018
NAISAK Qatar National Day 2018

Qatar National Day is very important to all of us and our Arabic team aspired to deliver our best celebrations to date, which included several student performances from all age ranges across the school. With much hard work and a lot of preparations, our students and Arabic staff did not disappoint.

When students and staff were asked to give feedback, several people mentioned the teamwork and enjoyment of performing in front of others were the ingredients that led to its success.

We were all grateful to the parents sharing traditional food and Qatari Coffee.

The morning started with the Qatar National Anthem and a student march replicating the Qatari military. The students performed folk dances as well as poetry about Qatar and Sheikh Tamim.

The participation of the Al Khor Girls Center was very much appreciated. They introduced Qatari folklore and presented Qatari sweets and coffee; they offered henna artwork and Rehan leaves - a speciality scent of Qatari. They demonstrated how to properly wear Qatari traditional dress and taking photographs. They also showed us how they cooked the Roqaq bread with different fillings such as Nutella, cheese and eggs. They also showcased how children previously made their own dolls to play with.

I am very grateful to all teachers who supported the Arabic department to make this an enjoyable event.

We are excited for next year’s event and hope to make it even more special, which is only possible with the continued support of the wonderful NAISAK community.

Sana Obaid
Head of Arabic