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03 February, 2019

Tanzania 2019

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Tanzania 2019
Tanzania 2019

Tanzania 2019

On 16 January, 14 students from our school had the marvellous privilege to be part of the Tanzania Expedition 2019. The project we worked on was permaculture, where we learned about organic farming and food security, and Seeway, through which we helped build a school. We met so many incredible individuals from all the other Nord Anglia schools at the Shamba Kipara camp, where we stayed throughout our expedition.

On the first day of the expedition, we visited a local farmer in the Arusha region, Mr Kitomari. He educated us on how he does organic farming and sustainability. The next day, we went to a local school where we dug out beds and trenches in a field. Using traditional farming tools; we turned over the soil and added cow manure which acted as the fertiliser for the beds. Some of us, on a different day, learned how to build walls with cement and red bricks. During lunch time, we had the opportunity to socialise with the school kids as during the day, our focus was on the work. Playing and running around with the children was exhausting but certainly entertaining!

All of us also had the opportunity to go trekking in the nearby mountains to a peaceful waterfall. We splashed around in the water while admiring the gorgeous nature. Later, we headed to Dolly Bush where we camped for the night and were split into three groups; the cooking team, the cleaning team and the tent team. Later, we sat around the campfire discussing our experience and relaxing after a long day. In the morning, we headed back to the school for community service. All of this was so enjoyable but also so physically demanding!

The safari was a sensational experience… We packed our kits, hopped onto the trucks and went to the Tarangire National Park for a two-day safari. On the way, we were informed by professionals about the different types of flora and fauna we would encounter, as well as about the local customs. We even learned a fun song in Swahili along the journey. After a fascinating road trip, we finally came across impressive wildlife, for example, elephants, lions, zebras, giraffes, etc.

After successfully spending the night in the wild, it was time to go back. However, we made a few stops in some souvenir stores along the way in which we learned how to haggle. We stopped in a beautiful place called Shanga. This was a workshop for disabled people where they crafted and created all sorts of items. Any purchases made would go as donations to aid the unfortunate beings. We arrived back at our main camp in the evening, just in time for the BBQ!

Our last night was one to remember as the whole camp celebrated with a disco night! Everybody was tired and sad the next morning. We had a few hours to wave goodbye to friends before we departed. There were a few emotional moments as we had grown close during the week. Some more tears were shed as we landed in Qatar and had to say some more goodbyes to our friends from the Hanoi school, we were transiting in Hamad airport and waiting for their next flight to Vietnam.

Despite or thanks to the range of experiences, emotions and people met, everyone fully enjoyed that special week and will cherish such moments for months (years?) to come!

Vanshi Pathak, 10A