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02 September, 2019

Secondary School - 2nd September 2019

Secondary School

Welcome back!

Dear Parents and Students

I am incredibly excited to welcome you back, not only to a new school year, but to a new school year in our fantastic new Secondary School building. I hope you have already heard all about it from your children as they went home after busy days with their teachers and you noticed the enthusiasm they displayed. It is true to say that, as beautiful as it is, a building is not the most decisive factor in the success of a young person’s school life. However, it is also fair to agree that it certainly contributes to showing what high standards look like, to setting ourselves ambitious goals, to offering a comfortable and safe environment to children and adults, to nurturing an engaging and learning-conducive atmosphere, and to feeding our students’ eagerness to show respect, work harder, aim higher, be nicer and accept their responsibilities. Moreover, our fully equipped Science labs will open the door to endless opportunities to discover more about the world that surrounds us.

The results of our external examinations with Cambridge Assessment International Education and Pearson Edexcel confirmed that we are on the path for growth towards excellence. In order to help us support your children, I would like to share a kind reminder to all our parents that attendance is key to allowing young learners to succeed. Attending school every day throughout the weeks and the months is absolutely essential. A strong attendance shows a family’s dedication to learning. We expect our students to come in the morning on time, at 07:00, ready to start their learning at 07:10, and remain at school until 13:40, when the school day ends.

On behalf of the Secondary School team, I can confidently say that we are ahead of a rich year of learning and happiness, and looking forward to sharing all those experiences with you and your children.

Ms Lydie Gonzalès
Head of Secondary School