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06 January, 2020

Qatar National Day Celebration

Qatar National Day Celebration

Principal's Message 

Happy New Year! January is traditionally a time where we look to the future and think about new beginnings. If you have made new year resolutions I wish you every success with them…I am sticking to mine so far this year but we are only a few days in so let’s see if we are all still on track next month! As well as looking forward to a bright future, January is also a time for looking back on the memories we have made over the course of the previous year. This week’s newsletter is dedicated to our Qatar National Day Celebrations, I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as we enjoyed the day.

Elizabeth Lamb

Qatar National Day 2019
On the last day of term, the whole school community celebrated Qatar National Day. It was a wonderful way to end the calendar year. Both children and staff wore their national dress, and the school was awash with the colours of the Qatari national flag. Some of our students brought in their falcons, who were perfectly behaved, despite the noise and people around them.  

The morning started with the Qatar National Anthem and a student march replicating the Qatari military. Students performed folk dances as well as poetry about Qatar and its leaders. All performances including singing and dancing were of the highest standard. We were introduced to Qatari folklore and presented with Qatari sweets and coffee.

Across the school, a ‘classroom door decorating competition’ took place, to showcase the wonders of Qatar. This produced some exceptional artwork! Many congratulations to the winners. They were: Class F2E (Ms Mart), 2BSP (Mr Ben), 4RRA (Mr Rhys) and 11N (Ms Murray).

Additionally, an Art competition challenged children to draw, paint or take a photograph that represented Qatar. Again, this generated work of the highest quality throughout the school. Thank you to Ms Razin and Ms Laura for organising the competition. The talented winners will be displayed in our corridors for all to enjoy. Please check the Facebook page for a video showcasing our students’ talent. They were:

  • Simon Rogelio, 1JBR
  • Mysha Ajmani, 2BSP
  • Tashvi Kalita, 3AHE
  • Mehron Taylor, 4SSI
  • Batlanki Karthikeya, 4NJF
  • Ganga Gopan, 6CMA
  • Ammar Ayman Abdelhamid, 7N
  • Xander Van Der Walt, 7I
  • Sahil Ahmed Shaikh, 7I
  • Syeda Maheen Mustafa, 7I
  • Dhira Nemalan, 8I
  • Isabel Treesa Mathew, 8N
  • Abinav Sushanth Pentakota, 8N
  • Amr Mohammed Ibrahim, 8I
  • Aditya Prasetyo, 9A
  • Shonchari Shefrin Subha, 10N
  • Evelyn Naibaho, 10A
  • Abdulla Al-Muhanadi, 10A
  • Nurin Dini Nafeesah, 10A
  • Buddy Lee Bell Brameld, 10A

A huge thank you to the Arabic staff who worked hard to plan and prepare for the day. Despite the unwelcome downpours of rain, it was a huge success. Thank you also to the parents, for supporting this event and we look forward to celebrating Qatar National Day next year!