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20 January, 2020

Secondary School - 20th January 2020

Secondary School

A message from the Secondary School Student Council

It is amazing how time flies. Just a few months ago, it was being announced that we, at NAISAK, would be creating a new Student Council, as democratic values and practices are one of the pillars of our school and Community. It was incredible to see the amount of enquiries, questions and conversations that were had with so many students keen to engage, participate and represent their peers. After a whole Secondary School survey, the rules and terms for the elections were decided and set in place, and the student body elected their Student Council to represent them. And what a great job they have done so far! Acting as intermediary between the student body and the Leadership Team of the school, they have been involved in all affairs of our school and community.

Fortnightly meetings occur to discuss projects and other student affairs, which are then discussed once a month with our Principal, Mrs Lamb. The internally-elected leaders of the Student Council represent the rest of the team at those bi-monthly meetings: our President, Aaeima Nadeem (Year 11), our Vice-President, Evelyn Naibaho (Year 10), and our Secretary, QT Hisani (Year 11).

The students have been involved in a number of collaborative discussions, about aspects of the school life as varied as:

- the decoration of our new Secondary building

- new social-time spaces for which they designed proposals

- interview panels for the recruitment of new staff

- the new sports team logo and mascot under the guidance of the Director of Admissions and Marketing

- the Qatar National Day and the preparations for our upcoming NAISAK’s International day.

Much was done but the members of the Council are still looking forward to more opportunities! They are keen on being active and proactive agents for their peers. Their calendar is busy with meetings with the NAISAK’s PTFA to discuss arrangements for International Day at the end of the month, meetings with the Marketing Department for the placement of suggestions boxes to increase the participation of fellow students and further the Student Voice as one of our core values, and many more Council-led meetings to discuss projects that grow in our young learners’ fertile minds!

It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of this celebration of responsibility and demonstration of democratic values and citizenship. Our school community is proud and looking forward to what lies ahead.

Secondary School - 20th January 2020 - secondary-school

Hugo Queiros
Student Council Staff Leader