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24 May, 2023

NAISAK Sport Superstars!

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NAISAK Sport Superstars!

Every day we are reminded just how incredible our students at NAISAK are for all the things they achieve, big and small. There are some particularly impressive success stories from our amazing children. It is moments like these that remind us just how lucky we are to have such a diverse and talented cohort here in Al Khor; students who are inspiring others in Qatar and around the world, to achieve more than they might have thought possible. 


Our very own swimming superstar, Salman A.M (4D), made waves at the Aspire competition on Monday, taking first place in every single event he competed in for his age group! Not only did Salman come out on top, but he also snagged two incredible gold medals for his top-notch performances in the 200m freestyle and 50m butterfly race. We couldn't be prouder of Salman's remarkable talent and dedication to his sport. Keep shining, Salman!

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Huge congratulations to Youssef H. a shining star from NAISAK, for securing the gold award in the prestigious national event, Taekwondo School Olympic Program competition! Youssef was ranked best in the country for his age group. Well done, Youssef. 

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Congratulations to Khalfan A.M. for winning gold in the Front Crawl/Freestyle 50m, Breaststroke 50m, and Butterfly 50m in the U10 and U11 QPPSSA Swimming Gala. And a special shoutout to Johar A.M. for earning a bronze in Front Crawl/Freestyle 50m and a gold in Back Crawl 50m! Keep up the fantastic work, you're making us proud!

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