05 February, 2024

A Symphony of Cultures: The Chinese Philharmonic Youth Orchestra Visits NAS Abu Dhabi

How we nurture holistic development and wellbeing - The Chinese Philharmonic Youth Orchestra Visits NAS Abu Dhabi
Reflections on a memorable day from our Director of Creative Arts

With a mix of traditional and contemporary pieces, this concert highlighted the power of music to bridge cultures and inspire our school community. Here's our Director of Creatives Arts reflections on these memorable moments and the lasting impact they will have on fostering creativity, collaboration, and curiosity in our students.


On a day that will be remembered fondly by our community, NAS Abu Dhabi was honoured to host the Chinese Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, marking an auspicious beginning to our week-long celebration of Mandarin language and culture. More than just a musical event, this concert was a vibrant cultural exchange that deeply touched everyone present.


Our NAS Abu Dhabi Choir opened the event with a jazzy rendition of "Hey Mr. Miller". With a dynamic mix of students from both primary and secondary, the Choir captivated the audience, showcasing the exceptional talent we nurture within our school.

With an average age of 13, The Chinese Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, is known as one of China's most prestigious youth orchestras. They played a diverse range of pieces, from Shi Wanchun's 'Festive Overture' to Johann Strauss' 'Radetzky March', blending musical traditions from China and the Western world. This repertoire not only showcased their versatility but was also a celebration of unity and diversity of cultural traditions.

Deepening the connection between our school and the global community at large, we were delighted to welcome the Chinese Ambassador and a delegation from the Chinese Embassy to the concert. This concert was a moment of pride for NAS Abu Dhabi, highlighting our school as a hub for cultural exchange and mutual appreciation. 


As the Director of Creative Arts at NAS Abu Dhabi, I felt an immense sense of pride witnessing this exchange of musical traditions. It was heartening to see our students, inspired by the talent of these young musicians, dreaming bigger for their own musical journeys. This event was a testament to the power of music in bridging cultures and bringing people together.

Looking at our continuous efforts to cultivate the 6Cs within our school, this event was a perfect platform for the development of our Student Ambitions: creativity, commitment, critical thinking, curiosity, compassion, and collaboration. 

We made the decision to livestream the concert, allowing our entire community, regardless of location, to be part of this extraordinary day. The feedback from those who joined us virtually has been overwhelmingly positive, underscoring the event's impact not just on those in attendance but also on our wider community.


I extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of this day - from our NAS Abu Dhabi Choir and the musicians of the Chinese Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, to its conductor and directors, and of course, our parents, teachers, and esteemed guests.

This concert is just the beginning of our journey through the world of languages, cultures and musical exploration. As we look forward to more such enriching experiences, we remain committed to exploring the creative arts and building bridges between communities. Here's to many more milestones on this exciting journey at NAS Abu Dhabi.

Mrs. Marie Connolly

Director of Creative Arts, NAS Abu Dhabi

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