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03 April, 2024

World Education Summit 2024: ‘Metacognition has the potential to transform education’, says Nord Anglia’s Dr Kate Erricker

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LONDON, 20 March 2024 — Dr Kate Erricker, Assistant Director of Curriculum for leading international schools group Nord Anglia Education, highlighted the transformative potential of ‘metacognition’ at this year’s World Education Summit.

Speaking at the event yesterday, in an address called ‘The Art of Metacognition’, Dr Erricker spoke about the impact of metacognition on education, including how it encourages students’ achievement, engagement with school, and cognitive development.

“Metacognition has the potential to transform education,” Dr Erricker said. “We’re finding that students who develop metacognitive skills are far better equipped to monitor their understanding, identify areas of difficulty, and employ effective strategies to overcome challenges. Students with these skills are far more likely to succeed.”

Drawing from her deep education expertise as well as emerging insights from Nord Anglia Education’s metacognition research with Boston College, Dr Erricker shared strategies and best practices for educators to integrate metacognitive techniques into their teaching methodologies to empower student-centred learning.

Speaking on the concept of metacognitive transfer, Dr Erricker noted: “It’s important students have consistent approaches across the curriculum, which they can use independently, to deepen their learning. Being able to use these strategies in different situations and contexts supports students in being flexible and confident learners who can apply their knowledge and skills beyond the classroom”.

Dr Kate Erricker holds a Ph.D. in Education from the University of Southampton and is conducting extensive research on metacognition and its impact on learning. Dr Erricker is working with Nord Anglia’s educators to improve teaching practices and enhance student outcomes.

The World Education Summit is an annual event that brings together educators, policymakers, and industry leaders from around the world to exchange ideas and explore innovative approaches to education. Through keynote speeches, panel discussions, and workshops, the summit aims to inspire collaboration and drive positive change in the field of education.

Kate Erricker