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Encouraging curiosity

From exciting expeditions to world-leading STEAM programmes, we’ll help your child to explore and discover new talents.

When you join one of our schools, get ready for an education like no other. 

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A student cementing a wall on a Social Purpose project


Working with communities to make a difference in peoples’ lives encourages our students to become responsible global citizens ready to make their mark on the world.

Amongst the programmes and activities designed to inspire social purpose is our partnership with UNICEF, which challenges students to address the Sustainable Development Goals while creating high-profile opportunities to speak to UN leaders about the world’s biggest issues.

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Creativity and culture

Creative thinking is essential because it’s about being able to see ‘the art of the possible’. By fostering creativity, and an appreciation of culture, our teachers will help your child see the opportunities in front of them and find creative ways to overcome challenges.

We help our students discover their creative talents and grow in confidence while developing a love of music.


Our students begin by learning to play the keyboard and develop their musical skills and knowledge further by reading and notating, which helps them to identify and understand harmonies.

Hands-on experience also guides your child to an understanding of musical concepts and lets them explore the fundamentals of music from the earliest age. 


Your child will learn to move and find rhythm through our inspiring dance programme designed to develop their confidence.


Our students learn to express themselves through dance and become familiar with different rhythms and genres, guided by our world-leading teachers.  

Using dance as a practical and expressive artform, your child will develop a love of music and dance and see it as a creative outlet for expression that also improves their physical coordination and rhythm. 

Instilling lifelong confidence and poise, our students take centre stage in our world-leading drama programme.

Theatre encourages students to explore some of history’s finest playwrights, all while learning how to express their own creativity, improve their confidence, develop leadership skills, and work as a team. 

Thanks to our collaboration with The Juilliard School, drama students at Nord Anglia schools can develop a deep love of performance and public speaking, which will set them up for success throughout their lives.

Performing Arts with Juilliard
We work closely with The Juilliard School to take our music, dance and drama offering to the next level.
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Performing Arts with Juilliard

Apart from experiencing life-changing works of art, our students are inspired to be creative, to express themselves, and build confidence through a performing arts curriculum developed with one of the world’s leading conservatories.

We put the ‘A’ in STEAM so it stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics because we understand the importance creativity plays in a child’s development, and which helps them succeed in all subjects.

Some schools place art and science worlds apart, but we believe creativity is crucial to all aspects of learning. When students are able to flex their creative muscles, they see improvements across every subject. To this end, we also have dedicated ‘makerspaces’ where your child can unleash their creativity through hands-on activities, such as with 3-D printers, building with LEGO, or creating videos with a green screen.

Diverse cultures
At our international schools, students develop a global worldview, make lifelong friends from around the world, and learn about the values and traditions of different cultures.
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Diverse cultures

By being exposed to new ways of thinking and diverse cultures, our students are better equipped for success when graduating and starting careers in our interconnected, modern world. Nord Anglia students are given opportunities to travel abroad – such as through expeditions to Switzerland and Tanzania – connect with peers from different countries online and at regional events, and make a difference in their local communities through activities with UNICEF.


We create life-changing experiences for our students through our global collaborations with world-leading institutions and organisations.

The Juilliard School
Our collaboration with the world’s most renowned arts institution enriches our students’ love of dance, drama and music.
The MIT-Nord Anglia STEAM programme helps our students to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills by tackling interdisciplinary challenges facing the world today.
Students are challenged to make a difference locally and globally by tackling the Sustainable Development Goals.
explore the great outdoors

OUR alpine expedition IN switzerland

Life-changing expeditions

The great outdoors. Teamwork. Resilience.
Les Martinets, Switzerland
Creating young explorers through adventure and discovery. 
Les Martinets, Switzerland

Our students discover the magic of the mountains when they embark on this exciting, challenging expedition. Their journey through the magnificent Swiss Alps begins in Les Martinets and gives them a first-hand taste of alpine life.

Physical endurance is combined with breathtaking scenery, as they learn to navigate, cook outdoors, and work together as a team to reach their destination. It’s an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Arusha, Tanzania
Broadening minds and experiencing new cultures. 
Arusha, Tanzania
Arusha in Northeast Tanzania is a vibrant town, which sits at the foot of volcanic Mount Meru and is known as the safari gateway. This magical corner of the world is opened to our students through our citizenship expedition.  

They are given the chance to learn about global responsibility and sustainability, the power and fragility of nature, and the important role we all play in protecting the planet.  

Working with the local community on building projects, they experience the responsibility and commitment needed to make a lasting difference – while making lifelong friends at the same time. 
regional expeditions student activities
Regional expeditions
Fostering teamwork and learning about local nature and culture through trips to nearby areas of interest. 
regional expeditions student activities
Regional expeditions
All our schools are located in regions featuring outstanding natural beauty, so our students can thrive on working and learning together in nature. This allows for unique bonding experiences that help broaden their minds and fuel their curiosity about nature, as well as local history and culture. 

Understanding and appreciating the power and beauty of our planet and the individual geography of these regions is part of the unique opportunity our schools provide.
Student riding a horse
Local expeditions
Exploring local areas of natural beauty, understanding new cultures, and supporting local communities.
Local expeditions
These are tailored to each school and make the very most of their own surroundings. For example, students in China can take part in an exhilarating five-day jungle trek in southern China, including building and sleeping in canopy tents hung between bamboo trees. Likewise, Beijing students can explore the Great Wall of China and camp under the stars, while students in Prague, Czech Republic can enjoy a wonderful experience in the Krkonoše mountains. 
Global activities
International experiences. Unforgettable moments.
Global activities
From performing at international sporting tournaments, science and arts festivals and playing with world orchestras – these are life-changing, unforgettable moments. 

As part of our global family of schools, we bring our Nord Anglia schools together to connect, compete and learn from each other.
Summer activities
The fun doesn’t stop during the summer months. 
Summer activities

Our summer experiences are educational and exciting, and include challenging activities that help your child develop their leadership skills or explore their passion for performing arts.

From enhancing language skills to working up a sweat at their favourite sport, our activities spark their passions for a summer of learning, laughs and lifelong memories.  

I’ve learned a lot about myself and how much I can accomplish… it will help me get the most out of life and my education that I possibly can.
Les Martinets, Switzerland participant
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