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24 June, 2024

NAE-UNICEF Summit: “I know I can achieve change”.

NAE-UNICEF Summit: “I know I can achieve change”. - I know I can achieve change

More than 120 Nord Anglia students from around the world have just joined the annual NAE-UNICEF Student Summit, which took place this year at The Village School and the British International School of Houston.

The theme of this year’s summit was INNOVATION and students gathered to discuss ways they’ve been working to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and to step up their efforts in creating change within their local communities.


So, what did our students get up to on the trip?

  • Day 1: The event started with a focus on developing advocacy skills, such as learning how to have challenging conversations with community stakeholders and ways students can amplify their voices to influence others in their local communities.


  • Day 2: Next stop, the Houston Museum of Natural Science! While here, students learned all about the science and technology of energy as well as the growing importance of renewable energy sources, in line with SDG 7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all.


  • Day 3: Students explored real-life examples of those who have led positive change in society while also learning about how to hold challenging conversations, with support from UNICEF*.


  • Day 4: At the British International School of Houston, delegates joined a campus tour complete with a showcase of BISH’s ‘Food for Friends’ initiative—an NAE Social Impact Grant winner helping tackle food insecurity in Houston. Students also gave inspiring ‘Peer Talks’ on the work they’ve initiated within their local communities to achieve the SDGs.


  • Day 5: The day started with a workshop on inclusive language and how to advocate change, followed by a trip to the Houston Food Bank. In one afternoon, they packed enough boxes for 19,040 meals!


  • The final day: Students presented strategies to address 'problem statements'. It was incredible seeing students apply what they’ve learned throughout the week, and their solutions ranged from lobbying local governments to creating information booklets and hosting educational sessions.


We also sat down with the student delegates to hear first-hand about their experiences and how they’ll be stepping up back home to turn their learning into action.


Why were you interested in attending the NAE-UNICEF Student Summit?

Joon, from Dover Court: “I knew the Summit would allow me to hear different perspectives from my peers as everyone comes from different contexts and backgrounds. Being able to listen to everyone’s ideas has inspired me to become a stronger advocate for change when I return to my own community.”

Giulio, from College Champittet Pully: “It’s so important to have the opportunity to learn these skills alongside other young people so we can help those around us to move the world forward. We need to be able to understand how to create a dialogue in such a fast-moving world.”


What skills or insights did you gain at the summit? And what stood out most for you?

Joaquin, from Eton School Mexico: “We’ve seen how if you truly love something, it’s your duty to show everyone how passionate you are and be an advocate for your beliefs. As long as you make your voice heard, you will create meaningful impact in the world.”

Lucy, from Dover Court: “The biggest one for me has to be systematic thinking, which is the process of taking a big problem and looking at the causes and solutions that feed into it. It means we can look at what creates the biggest impact in ways that are more manageable.”


How do you see this experience influencing the actions you take in future?

Emma, from San Roberto International School: “With all the skills I’ve learned whilst at the Summit, I believe I can truly start to implement change within my community. It has empowered me to start the social impact project I’ve been thinking about at my school. The Summit has been really inspiring and hearing all the advice I’ve been given from other students; I know I can achieve change.”


*UNICEF does not endorse any brand, product or service