Ages 11–15

The pre-teen and teenage years are a critical time for your child. The Middle Years Programme (MYP) is designed as a framework that provides academic challenge and develops life skills with a holistic approach that builds students’ self-esteem.

Achieving success in school is dependent upon personal, social, and emotional wellbeing. The programme at Northbridge, which brings together students from over 40 different nationalities, allows your child to build on their personal strengths and to embrace challenges in subjects in which they might not excel. 

Understanding the curriculum 

The MYP offers your child opportunities to develop their potential, to explore their own learning preferences, to take appropriate risks, and to reflect on, and develop, a strong sense of personal identity. 

The MYP at Northbridge runs from Grades 6 to 10, and serves as an important bridge between the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and the Diploma Programme (DP). Continuing with the inquiry-based approach of our PYP, the MYP prepares students for the academic challenge of DP in Grades 11 and 12. 

In Grades 9 and 10, students study Entrepreneurial Studies, an exciting addition to the Northbridge curriculum that offers students a competitive edge for college and for the life of their career. Developed by The Startup Studio, a world leader in providing a disruptive solution to high schools, this program brings real and sustainable change into education to ensure students are learning the imperative ‘soft skills’ that are now highly demanded by a 21st Century economy. 

Overall, we believe in a student-centred approach, which not only increases learning opportunities, but also enables us to prepare your child for meeting the demands and embracing the opportunities of the 21st century. This requires a focus on skills, knowledge and expertise for the students to succeed beyond their Secondary schooling. 

Guidance and Assessment 

Advisory groups 

Every student is part of an advisory group, who meet daily for notices, as well as for PSHE, which gives students the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed to manage their lives, both now and in the future. The wide-ranging curriculum prepares them to apply their knowledge from other subjects to practical, real-life situations. 


Your child’s performance is analysed based on what they know, understand, and can do. This information is then used by teachers to instruct them at a level that resonates with them most. Assessment is a daily part of school life, and helps children develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. 



At Northbridge International School Cambodia, we offer a truly international education in a supportive environment.

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