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05 September, 2019

Welcome to the monthly update from the Northbridge Parent Council - September 2019

Welcome to the monthly update from the Northbridge Parent Council - September 2019 Welcome to the monthly update from the Northbridge International School Cambodia Parent Council, which follows their regular meeting and discussion. Here are the topics that were addressed at this month's meeting.

Welcome to the monthly update from the Northbridge International School Cambodia Parent Council, which follows their regular meeting and discussion. Here are the topics that were addressed at this month's meeting.

Family Picnic_Poster01

Friday Family Picnic

You are invited to the annual Friday Family Picnic on 6 September! Come together for music, fun activities organized by Primary and Secondary STUCO (Student Councils), fundraising activities for our student Global Campus Trip to Tanzania, and food and drink from NBC, Rainbow Cafe, Taco Truck, Aqua S, and La Pops. There will also be books and toys on sale from our main event supporter Monument Books and Toys Cambodia!

Please bring a picnic mat and food and drink to share with your friends and family, or you can also buy things to eat from our partners above - as well as a great range of books and toys! Fun activities will include tug of war, giant jenga, throwing sponges art the teacher, slip 'n slide, photo booth, a pinata, dodgeball, cookie decoration and much more. We look forward to seeing you all there!

For more information, contact:

Click here to view and share the Facebook event


Sound System

The PC commented that the sound system in the Primary Cafeteria does not work well, judging by the quality in a few performances last year. Mr Richard explained that our sound system is actually very good quality, but that our staff are still not familiar how to best operate this system. However, they are working on hard on improving the sound.

House Teams

The new House team system, which was launched on Thursday 22 August (click here to see photos) was a huge success, and a great way to start the year! The students were really excited to receive their new House shirts (Cobras, Elephants, Ibis and Stingrays), and now the parents would like to get one as well!

The school has arranged for a table to be set up at the Friday Family Picnic for parents to put their name down to order one, and try on their size (same sizes as adult-sized PE kits). Don't miss this unique chance!


Parent Ambassadors Wanted!

We'd like to welcome all of our new parents to the Northbridge family. At the Parent Council meeting, some of the new parents asked how they could get to know families of the same nationality. Mr Richard explained that our school actually already has Parent Ambassadors, but is always looking for more volunteers.

If you are interested in joining this program, please contact Events & PR Manager Ms Nel:


Coffee Morning for New Parents

One of the new parents has suggested the school hold a coffee morning especially for new parents so that they can make friends with each other more easily. Mr Richard agreed it was a very good idea and will arrange this soon.

The PC also welcomes all new parents and if you need any assistances, please do not hesitate to contact me at


Festival of Lights

Some parents suggested that the performances during the annual Festival of Lights should be mandatory for all Primary and Secondary students, to make sure that every child has the chance to be involved in this event.

However, Mr Richard explained that the school would have students from Grades 6 to 9 performing, but only encourage students from Grade 10-12 to participate, respecting them as young adults to make their own decisions.


Swim Team

As we have only two swim coaches this year, the training schedule has changed, which means the Bronze team currently only has one training session per week instead of two. Mr Richard informed the Parent Council (PC) that the school is working on a solution that will mean the Bronze team will again have two sessions.

The PC would like to take this chance to promote the school swim team to all our families. If your children are interested in competitive training and swimming, please contact Ms Laurie:

Additionally, our school will host a Swim Meet on 14 September, so if you'd like to come and help with marshaling, results and timing, please send an email to:



The PC feels that the school has not informed parents clearly enough about what they should do at school events, requesting we improve communication between the school and parents.

Mr Richard informed the PC that the school is planning to introduce a Parent Portal to provide parents with important resources on information, policies and documents.

However, e-mail remains the most common form of communication between school and parents, so please make sure you have your most up-to-date email in the school records.


International Day

Formerly known as Cultural Day, this year we will be celebrating International Day on Friday 1 November. One of the most exciting parts of the day is the Flag Parade, where the youngest and oldest of each nationality carry their country's Flag.

After the parade, we will have many fantastic performances contributed by teachers, students and parents. If you are interested in performing in this Event, please contact Ms Liv.

We will also have food stalls from many countries selling delicious snacks and drinks – if you would like to run one, please contact Events and PR Manager Ms Nel.

International Day is one of the biggest events throughout the whole school year, and we encourage all our parents to get involved and embrace the special and united spirit found at Northbridge: “We are many communities, but we are one!”.

To put on a performance, contact Ms Liv:

To organize a food stall, contact Ms Nel:


Digital Device Usage

Parents are very happy and thankful to Mr Richard that the school has banned all digital device usage and WiFi access except where needed for teaching. It's been great to see students playing boardgames and talking with each other instead of using devices during recess.

We also hope that parents will encourage their children not to play computer games in Cafe North after school, as this sets a bad example for younger students.


The Parent Council meets 8am every first Tuesday of each month in the Hub Boardroom. If you have any important school-related topics or concerns that you would like to have discussed, feel free to join the meetings or send an e-mail with details to