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Our international school community in Santo Domingo is accepting, kind, and tolerant; a welcoming family of more than 45 nationalities who learn together, strive for excellence, and represent the diversity of our world.
Karina Pablo
Head of School, Saint George School, Santo Domingo
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For almost 60 years, Saint George has been a pioneer of educational excellence in the Dominican Republic.


Our meticulously designed academic programs combine the very best international and Dominican Ministry of Education-approved curricula. We’re also the only international school in the Dominican Republic to offer IGCSEs at 14 followed by the globally respected International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) at 16.


Perfected over 30 years, our trailblazing IBDP – which was the first International Baccalaureate program authorized in Latin America – offers choice, challenge, and extraordinary global learning opportunities. This will enable your child to create a fully personalized education, based around their unique talents and ambitions.


As well as impressive results, the academic journey at Saint George School creates lifelong learners who are globally aware and make a positive difference. We also prioritise the development of attributes such as resilience and empathy. This holistic approach sets our students up for success, whatever they choose to be or do in life.

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Our pioneering approach – created by world-leading education experts – reimagines learning through six core pillars.
Academic excellence
Saint George School is a center for academic excellence, where a holistic blend of world-class international programs, expert teaching, and global learning experiences set our students up for success.
Academic excellence

At Saint George School, we empower and support each student to fulfil their unique potential. We do this by delivering an all-encompassing education that blends the highest international academic standards with opportunities to explore talents and develop a host of lifelong skills.

From Infant through to Upper School, we teach an international curriculum with a strong British foundation, which also integrates the Dominican Republic’s National Plan of Studies. At Upper School, this includes the globally respected Cambridge IGCSE program (ages 14 to 16) and renowned International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) (ages 16 to 18). We’re proud to be the only school in the country to offer both courses.

The pathway from IGCSEs through to our IBDP is the perfect preparation for life at college or university. As well as being academically challenging, both programs are filled with learning experiences that nurture critical thinking, build resilience, and instill strong values. Here, your child will choose from a wide range of subjects and learn in English and Spanish. The use of both languages, coupled with our thriving multicultural environment, nurtures global-minded, creative, and reflective graduates.

We also offer a range of targeted initiatives – including our Student Success Program for learners with disabilities and English/Spanish as a second language courses – that ensure everyone can access our curricula.

The success of our IBDP students – both in terms of their points score and breadth of skills and achievements – is recognized by the world’s top universities. In 2023, every single one of our graduates was accepted by their chosen higher education destination. In addition, more than one-third received a scholarship offer. Saint George graduates go on to study at top 100 institutions in the UK, Europe, Canada, and the US, including Yale and Columbia.

Our academic approach is accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic and New England Association of Schools and Colleges. We’re also a member of the Council of International Schools. Our IBDP was the first in Latin America to be authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization in 1995, too. These accreditations ensure our students receive the highest quality education.

World's best teachers
Our exceptional educators are among the finest in the Dominican Republic. Hailing from around the world, they bring a diversity of specialist knowledge and experience to our classrooms, creating a dynamic multicultural environment where every student flourishes.
World's best teachers

Diversity is our strength at Saint George. Our school is home to outstanding, vastly experienced teachers from around the world, who bring a wealth of skills and expertise to our classrooms. They also share our drive to create an environment that is rich in perspectives, cultures, and experiences.

Our teachers are talented bilingual communicators, who are proficient in English and Spanish. We also attract specialists who have excelled in the subject field they now teach in. Our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) teachers are accredited by the International Baccalaureate Organization, and many also have Master’s degrees or PhDs. Their expertise and enthusiasm will ensure your child benefits from the highest quality instruction.

Across all age groups, teaching takes place in small classes with an average staff to student ratio of just 1 to 7. This enables our teachers to develop a profound understanding of your child’s progress and talents and provide the appropriate level of challenge and support. Importantly, this includes nurturing their all-round growth as an individual, as well as making sure they achieve academically.

Every lesson is designed to promote a deep understanding of the subject matter being taught. Our inquiry-based learning approach encourages students to think innovatively and explore ideas beyond conventional boundaries. This empowers them to take intellectual risks and be creative, preparing them for the challenge of advanced university study.

Like our students, our teachers are always learning. We prioritize their professional growth and firmly believe in the importance of continuous improvement. This includes access to a wealth of world-class development opportunities on the award-winning Nord Anglia University training platform.

Exceptional learning experiences
Learning at Saint George stretches far beyond the classroom. We offer an array of transformative experiences – from global competitions and expeditions to a thriving afternoon activity program – that will equip your child with the skills and values they need to succeed.
Exceptional learning experiences

Every day at Saint George is packed with exhilarating learning opportunities. Our supportive community is the perfect place to explore talents and discover new experiences, too.

Our students represent the school with distinction at a variety of prestigious international competitions, including the British English Olympics by Oxford University and Model United Nations conferences. These offer a unique opportunity to excel, as our young people delve deeper into their chosen areas of interest. Designed to take them out of their comfort zone and test their knowledge, each competition develops vital transferable skills, such as determination, resilience, and composure.

Sport is an important part of life at Saint George. Our extensive afternoon program – which includes soccer, basketball, volleyball, and rhythmic gymnastics sessions – gives students of all ages and abilities the chance to get active.  Our Saint George Dragons sports teams compete in tournaments here and overseas, demonstrating pride, passion, and sportsmanship. Competitions include the Nord Anglia Education Americas Global Games, which emulates the spirit, camaraderie, and competitiveness of the Olympics. As well as showcasing their talents, our sporting stars learn the importance of teamwork and engage in cultural exchanges with participants from around the world. Our teams also compete in friendly matches and competitions throughout the year.

Alongside sports, our broad and balanced extra-curricular program features a myriad of activities, including intellectual enrichment chess, robotics, and coding clubs. Aspiring musicians can choose to play the piano, guitar, violin, or drums, join our choir, or be a part our musical theatre.

Our commitment to global citizenship will take your child to new and exciting destinations across the globe. Our Mission Space Trip to the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida is an out-of-this-world adventure, while our Debate Trip to Harvard University immerses our learners in a world of intellectual discourse. Through our IB Trip: Experiences Abroad program, our oldest students deepen their subject-specific knowledge in real-world contexts, from workshops at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the buzz of Wall Street in New York’s Financial District.

Our social purpose
Saint George is a vibrant and diverse community that truly embodies multiculturalism. We embrace different perspectives, live our values, and empower everyone to make a positive difference.
Our social purpose

At Saint George School, we encourage our students to consider their place in the world – and think about how they can make a tangible difference, both locally and globally.

With more than 45 nationalities represented within our student body, our community is a rich tapestry of cultures. Learning in such a diverse environment provides a unique insight into different customs, traditions, and perspectives, fostering a truly outward-looking mindset.

As part of our whole-school commitment to global citizenship and helping others, we encourage our students to devise initiatives that support NGOs, community service projects, and local good causes. Whether it’s planning a beach clean-up or volunteering at a local shelter, our young people learn the importance of giving back, while also developing transferable leadership, communication, and organizational skills.

In the curriculum, our IBDP is enriched by opportunities that instil a sense of social responsibility. Through the Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) element of the core program, students explore their passions while addressing real-world challenges. Active CAS collaborations with respected organizations, including Best Buddies and Operación Sonrisa, as well as projects like a home-building initiative in San Cristóbal, harness our learners’ entrepreneurial spirit to uplift those in need.

Our students actively engage with global issues, too, including through our biannual Model United Nations (MUN) Conferences. Through research, debate, and negotiation, our students simulate the workings of the United Nations, taking on the roles of national delegates. This develops critical thinking, diplomacy, and public speaking skills, while simultaneously deepening their understanding of international affairs. Our MUN Trip to Yale University is an extraordinary opportunity to participate in one of the most prestigious conferences in the world.

The Saint George family 
We’re immensely proud of our global community. Together, our students, staff, and families create a nurturing environment where everyone feels included and inspired. Being part of the Nord Anglia Education family unlocks unique opportunities and connections around the world, too.
The Saint George family 

Everyone’s welcome at Saint George. Our inclusive community is home to students and teachers from more than 45 countries, creating a dynamic environment enriched by diversity and difference.

We actively encourage everyone in our family to share their cultures and traditions. This contributes to the holistic development of our students, as well as bringing parents, staff, and young people together. By embracing cultural diversity, we can prepare our students for the global connections and opportunities that will inevitably be a significant part of their future.

Our values of integrity, self-discipline, and responsibility are immensely important to us. They underpin our educational approach, providing the guiding standards your child will live and learn by. These values are brought to life by our House system, which fosters a sense of identity across the age groups. A plethora of fun activities throughout the year promote healthy competition, encourage teamwork, and a cultivate a sense of belonging.

Our innovative School Connect Program also fosters a positive connection across the Saint George family. Promoting open communication, collaboration, and mutual support through a range of activities – including anti-bullying campaigns, outreach projects, and wellbeing initiatives – creates a sense of unity between school, home, and the wider community. Our parents can also join the SGS Parents’ Association.

As a school, we’re firmly focused on the world beyond our campus. Our students enjoy a truly global education that’s enriched by being part of the Nord Anglia Education family of schools. Benefits include access to international competitions, such as the Americas Global Games, and Nord Anglia’s trailblazing Global Campus learning platform. This connects our students to challenges, resources, and fellow learners in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Wellbeing runs through the heart of everything we do. We know that happy, healthy students achieve more, and strive to create a harmonious environment where everyone feels safe and supported. Alongside an expert team of counsellors, we run both group and targeted wellbeing initiatives. These include our Cloud 9 program, which features evidence-based strategies, workshops, and activities that promote self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and resilience.

Advanced learning environments
With its warm familial atmosphere, technology-enriched specialist spaces, and inviting shared areas, our campus is the perfect place for your child to learn and grow. Nestled in the prosperous Piantini District of Santo Domingo, Saint George is ideally located, too.
Advanced learning environments

Saint George is a thriving single campus community located Piantini, an upscale district in the heart of the Dominican capital, Santo Domingo. Piantini is a safe, sophisticated, and exciting neighborhood, which boasts international hotels, global businesses, shopping, entertainment, and fantastic gastronomy. We’re just 30 to 45 minutes’ drive from Las Americas International Airport, too.

Set across 10,000 square meters, our campus is a secure yet stimulating environment for our students. Our immaculately cared-for setting is home to an array of specialist learning facilities, too, making it the perfect place for your child to discover their talents. These include our state-of-the-art Innovation Centre, which houses a cutting-edge STEAM Maker Space and dedicated robotics classroom. The Centre is a hub for advanced 21st century learning, where students learn in ways that deepen their knowledge and understanding, guided by our expert teachers. Access to the latest design tools, coding software, 3D modeling equipment, and more, offer hands-on opportunities to develop future-focused skills.

Creativity flourishes in our music room, dance studio, art classroom, and multimedia room, which houses a green screen, podcasting equipment, and professional-grade videography and photography tools. Our school’s longstanding commitment to literacy is evident in a well-stocked library, where students immerse themselves in fantastic fictional adventures, focus on quiet self-study, and access a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

Positive health and wellbeing underpin everything we do on campus, and a variety of sports facilities – including open and covered multi-sports courts and an all-weather soccer pitch – encourage physical activity and movement. Our Ecological Terrace, meanwhile, is an inviting green space where students can connect with nature and learn about sustainability.

Thoughtfully designed indoor and outdoor eating areas – which include our Dragon Bites Cafeteria – offer comfortable places to enjoy a freshly-prepared meal, socialize, and relax with friends.



We’re delighted you’re considering Saint George School for your child’s education. Your journey starts with our expert Admissions Team, who will guide your family through our application process.
  • Visit our international school in Santo Domingo – you can book your tour by getting in touch with our Admissions Team.
  • We’ll send you all the information you need to submit your application.
  • Once we’ve received your application documents, we’ll arrange an admissions interview and entrance exam.
  • All being well, your child will be offered a place.


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Our world-class academic programs – delivered in a thriving environment – will nurture the skills, knowledge, and values your child needs to succeed.

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