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Dear Parents,

I'm delighted to welcome you to our school website. As you read more about our excellent school and community, I hope you'll feel this is where you want your children to be educated. Our school is non-selective on ability, allowing us to fully support all children regardless of their academic and mainstream learning abilities.

Our school is a positive, stimulating learning environment for all ages, where we work tirelessly to make sure every child is happy. We place great value on encouraging everyone in your family to contribute to our whole-school community, too. There are lots of opportunities for us to share fantastic learning opportunities at international and local cultural celebrations, as well as festivals, sports, arts, music, and theatrical events. On this website and our Facebook page, you'll see just what a vibrant environment we've created, where children of all ages love coming to school.

We work with families across the year groups to better understand what it is that will enable your child to enjoy learning and be inspired to achieve their full potential. For us, this means academically and socially, through music, sports arts, drama, and fun opportunities with their friends. Our school really focuses on each child’s learning potential, with specialist teachers and a learning support department that continually finds new ways to make sure everyone is included and thriving.

I'm sure you'll enjoy looking through our website, which will hopefully inspire you to come and see us. You can also visit us online by booking a Virtual Discovery Meeting with our friendly admissions team. 

We look forward to meeting you.

With best wishes,

Paul Schofield
Head of School