Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
11 September, 2017

Art of the Week - “Self Portrait” by Emma

Art of the Week - “Self Portrait” by Emma Year 12 students have been using charcoal to create intense and reflective self portraits. Have a look at Emma’s personal study, alongside other beautiful drawings.

A requirement of IB Visual Arts is that students experience a range of media and materials. The medium of charcoal is hard to manipulate and can be highly challenging. Emma’s self portrait uses the medium to create a dark and dramatic effect, similar to the Renaissance technique of chiaroscuro, where intense light illuminates the subject. Her work is also reminiscent of the early drawings and prints of Edvard Munch, with swirling contour lines that define the shape of the face. Other masterpieces on show here are self portraits by Anish Matur, Gung Ging Nirandara, Nan Ungudomsin and Arnav Narula.

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