Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
21 January, 2019

Primary School Sport: Spotlight on football and gymnastics

Primary School Sport: Spotlight on football and gymnastics More than 70 Primary students represented STA at the HIS International Football competition while our gymnasts entered their first ever BISAC tournament. Lots more sport to come in Term 2… read on for some important dates for your diary. IMG_8526001

More than 70 Primary students represented St Andrews International School Bangkok at the HIS International Football competition while our gymnasts entered their first ever BISAC tournament. Lots more sport to come in Term 2… read on for some important dates for your diary.

Our Primary footballers had a great experience playing in the HIS International tournament over the weekend. 70 of our Primary footballers represented St Andrews International School Bangkok with great teamwork, resilience and hardwork. Well done to the children who took part and a special mention to the U11 boys who were crowned champions.

Our Primary gymnasts were competing in our very first Gymnastics FOBISIA over the weekend. Our Gymnastics programme has been one of the big developments over the past 2 years and it’s great testament to Miss Bogi and her team to be able to now go and compete at this high level and hold our own.

We look forward to a busy period of football for all our STA footballers. After the success at the BISP Soccer 7s in Phuket, our Primary teams have a busy schedule ahead. For our Blaze teams (also Girls Flames) we have the TISAC season which will involve league games and also a tournament. This is a great opportunity for all the children in our football squads to represent STA again and gain experience playing in games.

Also, we have our triathlons starting for KS1 this week. This is something we started last year which was a great success and a big thank you to K. Seung for her efforts in making these opportunities available to our younger children.


What a fantastic weekend for our Primary footballers at the HIS International 7s tournament. 70 children represented STA over Friday and Saturday with A and B teams in both U9 girls/boys and U11 boys categories. The level of competition was impressive across all age groups with schools from Hong Kong, Singapore and China. Our teams did not disappoint and worked incredibly hard for their team mates.

In the girls’ tournaments the U11 were 2nd place after the first day and played some excellent football, but unfortunately, due to losing the majority of the team to the gymnastics competition on Saturday the team found Saturday's finals day a difficult task. Thank you to those girls who worked so hard for each other.

The U9 girls had both an A and B team and were amazing on Saturday. Both our teams beat BISAC opposition and only lost to the 2 Thai football academies that were in the tournament. I am really happy with the growth of girls sport at this U9 age group and the level of football is getting better with each tournament. Our U9 girls finished 3rd and 4th.

The U11 boys became Champions in the highest standard of football I have seen at U11 level. After looking like the tournament may have slipped by them, they came back and produced an incredible performance in their last game to win and be crowned champions, eventually winning the tournament by just one goal. These boys are a fantastic team and have made some great progress as a team over Term 1. The U11 boys found some tough opposition playing against all A teams but acquitted themselves brilliantly and at times played some excellent football.

Thank you for all the parents support over the weekend.


Next up:

30 January - friendly @ Harrow for our U11 teams (U 11 Boys A and B teams, U11 Girls A)

2 February - End of season BISAC tournament and festival. We will look to enter U11 boys A, B and C, plus U11 Girls A.


We have never before taken a team to the Gymnastics FOBISIA so this was a massive achievement. Our girls and boys gymnasts were exceptional and produced some fantastic results.

We placed in some high positions (8th out of 20 + schools) with our children finishing higher than schools that have had established gymnastics programmes for many years. In our boys team Matthew was 2nd on the vault and 5th on the floor, while Ross was 3rd on the floor and 6th on the Pommel horse.

Our gymnastics programme continues to grow with so many new children both girls and boys looking to train and compete for STA. We have many more competitions coming in 2019 and it is an exciting time to be part of this growing sport for STA.

A big thank you to Miss Bogi for driving our gymnastics to the next level.


Happy new year I hope you have enjoyed your break. We are looking forward to your child being part of our Tennis programme this term. As of January, we are excited to be able to offer additional weekend training sessions for our students.






8 - 9 am

Primary Flames

High School Tennis Court


9 - 10 am

Primary Blaze

High School Tennis Court


2 - 3 pm

Mini Blaze

Primary - Blue Area


3 - 4 pm

Mini Flames

Primary - Blue Area


8 - 9 am

Mini Flames

Primary - Blue Area


9 - 10 am

Mini Blaze

Primary - Blue Area


In addition to this our coaches are available to offer private or semi-private lessons outside ECA times, if you would like more information please contact Mr Adam or Coach Pair via email or speak to one of our coaches directly.

KS1 Triathlon

Term 2 (just some of the events in Term 2)

  • 22 January - Football friendly @ Soccer Pro vs ICS, 3.00 p.m. Kick off - U11 Girls

  • 28 January - TISAC U11 Boys festival - 12pm leave - 1pm-2.30pm - U11 C team

  • 30 January - Football friendly @ Harrow, Boys A and B, Girls A - U11

  • 2 February - BISAC Girls and Boys Flames U11 Football Tournament

  • 2 February - BISAC Football Festival U11 Boys B and C teams

  • 5th February - U9 TISAC festival @ Soccer Pro - 12.15 leave - 1pm-3pm - U9 A and B teams

  • 7 February - U9 Invitational Tennis Vs Bangkok Patana

  • 9 February - U11 STA Invitational Tennis

  • 12 February - TISAC U11 Girls Festival - 12.15 leave - 1-3pm @ Soccer pro

  • 12 February - TISAC U11 boys festival - 11am leave - 12pm -2pm - U11 B team

  • 2-3 March - Marlin Mayhem

  • 16-17 March - BISAC Swim Champs

  • 23 March - BISAC Athletics U11

  • 26 March - TISAC U9 Girls Football Tournament @ Soccer Pro

  • 26 March - TISAC U9 Boys Football Tournament - Venue TBC

  • 30 March TISAC U11 Football Tournaments - Boys @ 107, Girls @ BIST

  • 30 March - Gymnastics Moose Games

Sporting Conferences

We appreciate that you are often hearing different acronyms - TISAC, BISAC, FOBISIA - that we are involved in but may not know much about them. We hope that the following overview will therefore be useful.

We are currently members of four conferences or organisations:

TISAC: Thailand International Schools Activities Conference

We have been members for many years. This has 16 schools involved which vary in size from small to very large. Currently, we mostly enter Blaze teams in TISAC. There are leagues and tournaments in several sports from U9-U19 and next year, TISAC will also start its own multi-sport Games for Primary children.

BISAC: Bangkok International Schools Athletic Conference

This is our first year in BISAC. The 12-school membership includes the largest international schools in Bangkok in leagues and tournaments across many sports, from U9-U19, split into four seasons through the year. BISAC schools also run invitational tournaments.

FOBISIA: Federation of British International Schools in Asia

This has three major multi-sport Games per year (Primary, U13 and U15) that take place in Phuket against other schools across Asia. There are also single-sport events in Tennis, Golf, Swimming and more, which take place across Asia and provide some amazing travel opportunities.

NAE: Nord Anglia Education

We are part of the South East Asia division and meet for a U11 multi-sport Games once a year. Our schools take it in turn to host the NAE Games.

In addition, we are part of the wider circuit regionally which means we are invited to a whole range of other events across Thailand.

Currently we are able to offer STA students opportunities through these conferences in Football, Basketball, Swimming, Tennis, Badminton, Golf, Teeball, Track and Field, Triathlon, Cross Country.

If you have any questions about these conferences, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Damon (

Some of the Events coming in Term 3

  • 27-28 April - BISAC Gymnastics

  • 3-5 May - BISP Flying Fish Swimming

  • 4-5 May - BISAC U11 Tennis

  • 11 May - Harrow Football Festival

  • 18 May - NIST Gymnastics

  • 25 May - Mini Marlin Mayhem

  • 30 May - U9 Invitational Tennis vs Bangkok Patana

  • 8 June - U9 Orange Ball Tennis Tournament

  • 10-14 June - Primary FOBISIA Games

If you any questions about Primary Sport you can either email Mr Damon ( our Head of Primary PE or book an appointment to speak to him about the opportunities your child’s/children’s will have at STA.