Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
04 November, 2019

Primary School Sport: Dancing for Joy

Primary School Sport: Dancing for Joy What a great week of Primary Sport. Basketball has featured massively this week with TISAC and BISAC Games, plus the BISAC End of Season Tournament. Also, our Dancers defended their title at the TISAC Dance competition.

What a great week of Primary Sport. Basketball has featured massively this week with TISAC and BISAC Games, plus the BISAC End of Season Tournament. Also, our Dancers defended their title at the TISAC Dance competition.

In more news, there was a coffee morning in which myself and Mr Adam (High School PE) gave more details about the St Andrews International School Bangkok Sport Programme and answered questions about the changes we have made this year. I hope the parents that attended found it useful. It was great from my perspective to be able to find out where we can add to our programme and look to make any changes that would benefit the children. If you would like to ask any questions please email me (

To stay on top of all the action, I strongly encourage you to regularly review the Primary School Sports Fixtures Google Calendar, which can also be found along with all school calendars at

Keep in touch

Please stay up-to-date by joining our STA Flames & Marlins Facebook group for parents and students who are part of our Sport Programme.

Parents may post to this group and it’s been great to see some of your photos of our kids in action!

Term 1 Sports Fixtures/Competition and Tournament

  • 4 Nov - U11 Boys Football Friendly A and B teams vs PREP @ Soccer Pro, 3.15 pm kick-off

  • 5 Nov - U11 Boys TISAC vs DUS @ STA, 1 pm Tip off, 12.40 pm meet

  • 6 Nov - U11 Girls TISAC Basketball vs PREP @ PREP, midday leave

  • 7 Nov - U11 Girls Football Friendly A and B teams vs PREP (A), 2.45 pm leave

  • 9/10 Nov - IBS Swim Festival

  • 11 Nov - U11 boys football (A, B,C teams) vs Patana @ Patana, 2.15pm leave

  • 12 Nov - U11 Girls & U9 Girls vs Patana @ Soccer Pro, 3.15 pm kick-off

  • 14 Nov - NAE Games Parents meeting, 4 pm start, PE department

  • 14 Nov - Red Ball Friendly Vs BPS & Nist

  • 14 Nov - U11 Boys TISAC Basketball vs ASCOT @ ASCOT, midday leave, 1 pm tip-off

  • 16 Nov - HIS football Cup - U11 Boys (A team) U11 Girls (A team) U9 Boys (A team) and Girls (A & B team)

  • 16 Nov - Orange Ball Tennis - BPS

  • 18 Nov - U9 boys football (A, B,C teams) vs Patana @ Patana, 2.15pm leave

  • 21-24 Nov - BISP Football tournament 

  • 23 Nov - Swim Bull Dog Cup - PREP

  • 29 Nov - U11 TISAC Basketball Tournaments

  • 30 Nov - Gymnastics- Bambi Games TCCS

  • 30 Nov - STA Swim Champs

  • 30 Nov/1 Dec - Gymnastics FOBISIA Games- BPS

  • 1 Dec - U8 Red Ball Tennis - ISB

  • 3 Dec - U9 boys football tournament, 2 pm leave

  • 6 - 9 Dec - NAE Games, Vietnam 


60 Primary children enjoyed a great day of basketball at their BISAC Competitions. Loads of teamwork, skill and determination was on display. Our basketball continues to grow and improve each year. Thank you to children for their hard work and also for the support of our STA parents. We have more games this week and are now only 5 weeks from the NAE Games.


What an exceptional performance by our dancers at the TISAC dance competition. For the second year in a row our dancers were crowned champions. The level of performance was just mind-blowing. It takes a great degree of hard work and skill to carry this performance off, well done all dancers. Plus thank you to the great teaching of Miss Cherry.


It is great that more parents are supporting our teams across different sports. The Primary PE and Swim Department teachers and coaches really appreciate parent involvement. The Code of Conduct below is a reminder of the expectations we have of our STA parents at sporting events. If you are unhappy with any situation at a sporting event, please come to see me or email me to book a meeting. Please note that it is unacceptable to confront a teacher/coach during a tournament or a game. The PE and Swim department look forward to seeing you at the next tournament/fixture.


This week starting Monday 4th - Friday 7th November, the swim team will be conducting a trial for our ECA and Swim Squad swimmers. Please be sure to attend your regular ECA and Swim Squad training to participate in the trial.

It is going to be a very busy month of November with ISB Swimfest coming up on Saturday 9th of November. Next, we have Bulldog Cup on 23rd November for swimmers from Development and Gold Squad who haven’t represented the school this year and most importantly our very own STA Swim Champs on 30th November.

Please stay tuned for more information regarding the mentioned meets.

Outside of School Sport

It is great to hear any success stories from children at STA playing sport outside of school. Last week Neungdeaw participated in "Land of Smiles 2019" Ice Hockey league.

His team "Bangkok Warriors" got the first place to be champions for U10 Division.

Weekend Sports Program

This year St Andrews International School Bangkok have looked at ways to give more variety for our children at our weekend sports program. Below are the timings of the different sports on offer. Please sign up on Moodle for this opportunity or contact Mr Damon.

Nord Anglia Games

One of our overseas trips during Term 1 is the NAE Games (Dec 6-9), which is a 2-day tournament combining basketball and tee-ball. This year we travel to Vietnam for 4 days. It is a great, fun tournament for the children and the PE look forward to taking the 20 children from Year 5 & 6 on the trip. Children have now been confirmed and also children have been put on a waiting list in case a place becomes available. 


*The Parents meeting is on the 14 November in the PE department. 

BISP Soccer 7s

The first overseas trip of the year is at the BISP Soccer 7s (Nov 21-24). This is a 4 day football trip where we stay on Surin Beach at the Novotel Hotel. The tournament is the biggest school football tournament in Asia and is one of our favourite trips. Children have now been confirmed and also children have been put on a waiting list in case a place becomes available. 

*The Parents meeting is on the 31st October in the PE department. 

Sporting Conferences

We appreciate that you are often hearing different acronyms - TISAC, BISAC, FOBISIA - that we are involved in but may not know much about them. We hope that the following overview will therefore be useful.


We are currently members of four conferences or organisations:

TISAC: Thailand International Schools Activities Conference

We have been members for many years. This has 16 schools involved which vary in size from small to very large. Currently, we mostly enter Blaze teams in TISAC. There are leagues and tournaments in several sports from U9-U19 and next year, TISAC will also start its own multi-sport Games for Primary children.

BISAC: Bangkok International Schools Athletic Conference

This is our first year in BISAC. The 12-school membership includes the largest international schools in Bangkok in leagues and tournaments across many sports, from U9-U19, split into four seasons through the year. BISAC schools also run invitational tournaments.

FOBISIA: Federation of British International Schools in Asia

This has three major multi-sport Games per year (Primary, U13 and U15) that take place in Phuket against other schools across Asia. There are also single-sport events in Tennis, Golf, Swimming and more, which take place across Asia and provide some amazing travel opportunities.

NAE: Nord Anglia Education

We are part of the South East Asia division and meet for a U11 multi-sport Games once a year. Our schools take it in turn to host the NAE Games.

In addition, we are part of the wider circuit regionally which means we are invited to a whole range of other events across Thailand. 

Currently we are able to offer STA students opportunities through these conferences in Football, Basketball, Swimming, Tennis, Badminton, Golf, Teeball, Track and Field, Triathlon, Cross Country.

If you have any questions about these conferences, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Damon (