Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
03 March, 2021

The Power of Sports at St Andrews Bangkok

Giving all our students a choice in Sports, there’s a team, spot, squad and place for all at St Andrews International School Bangkok. Learn more about our inclusive sports model and how this develops the love for sports on all levels. 

Sports for Life at STA

Sports are a powerful vehicle for learning, developing character and promoting healthy choices. Advantageous life skills such as teamwork, dedication, perseverance and commitment can be strengthened through sport participation. Countless studies show involvement in sports positively impacts academic performance.

At St Andrews, we challenge students to be the best they can be by harnessing the power of sports to secure our students’ lifelong development and giving them the greatest chance to succeed in life. We understand that every child is an individual, progressing at different rates, and this is no different when it comes to developing their physical skills. We believe everybody should be active & stay activities and ensure this by giving every child a place within our Sports Programme. Our positive environment allows children to play sports for as long as possible and feel challenged, at a level right for them.  

Our Inclusive Sports Programme

Our programme is built on the idea that sports are fun, improving is fun and competing is fun! There is a sport for everyone and an inclusive pathway for all our athletes to succeed. 

 But what does that mean for our St Andrews students? It means…

  1. Finding the right team, there are squads for all skill levels - offering genuine pathways to learn and make progress, whether our students are beginners or at the top of their game.

  2.  Learning from the best, our specialised coaches and educators use leading long-term development models to develop athletes.

  3. Giving a long list of sporting options to our STA athletes, with year-round opportunities to play in whatever sport they choose.

  4. Opportunities to play multiple sports. We encourage athletes to get involved in as many sports as they wish. 

  5. Creating the right environment - Students are happy, safe & supported ensuring a positive experience that fosters progress & the right level of challenge.


Competitive Sport Programme

We strongly believe all players are part of our competitive Sports Programme and encourage multi-sport participation which exposes students to as many positive and successful experiences as possible. 

Sports Development

We believe the best progress is made through positive experiences in the right environment. To offer this, we divide our programme into three phases: 

  • Flames Junior Development - Participating in the sport and learning the game. 

  • Flames Development - Developing the skills, ability and confidence to take part in a competitive environment. 

  • Flames - Adopting the skills and understanding what is needed for successful performance at a suitable competitive level.

We proudly participate in the following conferences:

  • Nord Anglia Education Games (NAE) 

  • Bangkok International School Athletic Conference (BISAC) 

  • Thailand International School Athletic Conference (TISAC)

  • Federation of British International Schools of Asia (FOBISIA)

In addition to this we also regularly compete in a number of international competitions, such as the South East Asia Games, Phuket Soccer 7s,  as well as a number of local and internal fixtures & tournaments. 


Additional Weekend and Holiday Activities & Opportunities

We are proud to offer additional weekend & holiday training opportunities outside of the school Sports Programme. These are run by experienced coaches and have consistently shown to impact athletes of all levels positively. 

Sports Celebration

We finish the year with a Sports Celebration event, designed to celebrate the sporting achievements of all our community and highlight student commitment, effort and progress. Students that have participated in our sports programme will all receive a badge for the sport that they had played, there will also be a host of individual and team awards presented and the chance to join together and celebrate our success as a community!

Come and visit us!

If you want to play sports, there is a place for you at St Andrews International School Bangkok, with year-round opportunities to inclusively get involved in a safe and challenging environment. The best way to learn more about our Sports Programme and how we integrate it into our curriculum and community is to visit us. Arrange a virtual or in-person school visit with our friendly Admissions Team today.