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St Andrews Bangkok
28 April, 2021

Meet the Alumni - Punn - Class of 2020

Meet the Alumni - Punn - Class of 2020 Punn has some great tips for Senior Studies students! And gives us insight into his fondest memory from St Andrews, life at the University of Loughborough (delving into the reasons for his decisions), and giving us his plans for the future.  Alumni page link01

Punn has some great tips for Senior Studies students! Punn gives us insight into his fondest memory from St Andrews, life at the University of Loughborough (delving into the reasons for his decisions), and giving us his plans for the future. 

What are your fondest memories of St Andrews? 

It would definitely be our Fobisea trips and tournaments. The overnight trips were always fun, whether they were residentials or for sporting events. The funniest things would happen on these trips, and I’m sure many will agree with me in saying some of their fondest memories came from those away days. 

Tell us about The University of Loughborough as well as the city!

  • I had my heart set on Loughborough as soon as my results came out. Knowing that I wanted to study Sport Management/Coaching, Loughborough had always been at the top of my list. Having been named the best university in the world for Sport-related subjects for the 5th year running, I was thrilled when I got accepted to study my dream subject, and needless to say, it didn’t disappoint. Working in and around Olympic gold medalists and professional athletes really inspires you to excel and seize the opportunity you’ve got. I used to walk past the England cricket team training for their South Africa tour on my way to lectures!!

  • Loughborough is a town 10 minutes south of Nottingham (which is far nicer) and 10 minutes north of Leicester if you take the train. It is a university town, meaning that the majority of the population are students. The nightlife is decent, and the location allows easy access to other big cities like Manchester and Birmingham, as well as London through the national railway. 

What advice would you give to Senior Studies students who are applying to university? 

  • Definitely to do as much research as you can, it is worth finding out what your workload will be like, how many lectures you’ll have and the delivery methods (face to face, online, practical / lab work), all this information is available on their websites and will aid you when you finally choose where to go. Lots of research 

  • Open days are super helpful if you can attend! Sometimes you just need to know if you match the vibe for that particular university, or if you like the look of the place, or if you can handle the weather there! It’s good to be able to grasp a general feel of the place and see if it is a good fit for you.

  • Always keep your options open! Always have a Plan B or C. My university plans changed 3 times in a few months, it is crucial that you always keep your options open and have back up plans in case things don’t end up going the way you thought they were.

What are you up to currently? 

  • I am currently at Loughborough University studying for a degree in Sport Management.

  • Whilst I have been here in Bangkok, I have been helping out Mr Roy with the varsity football as an assistant coach. I will be looking to complete my FA Level 1 and 2 coaching badges in the summer and then hopefully my UEFA B, in the future. 

  • I am currently the manager of Inter Bangkok Fc, a team competing in the up and coming AFL league. We are in our second season and will be looking to bring home some silverware after losing in the Semifinals last season.

  • I have also been playing regular football, representing RBSC in the Chang League, as well as helping Sporting Siam City FC fight for promotion in the Bangkok Premier League. #UpTheSiam. 

What are your plans for the future?

  • After I finish my degree at Loughborough, I’m looking to go into football coaching or management and play semi-pro football as well.

  • Alternatively, I’m considering completing my masters in America and furthering my education and competing in college sports.

If you have any questions for Punn about his experience, his goals or about life at university, please email