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26 October, 2022

Primary and Foundation Stage: Pre-iCamp, Eco-Beasts, Bangkok FC, Selling Poppies, and Halloween Competition

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Primary and Foundation Stage: Pre-iCamp, Eco-Beasts, Bangkok FC, Selling Poppies, and Halloween Competition ECOB

Year 3 and 5 Have Their Pre-iCamp Residential Meeting with Parents


Last week the parents from Year 3 and Year 5 came in to find out all about the exciting residential their students will go on next term. They were given a talk by the iCamp staff before asking questions to Mr Michael and Mr Dai about the trip. We all look forward to their adventure in the new term.

Educators of the Future Visit the School


Last week saw student educators from Chulalongkorn University visited us. They were shown around the school by Kroo Noke and Kroo Third who were able to answer questions about the school. The students observed classes and worked with our younger students to support the teachers and gain valuable experience of working in a Primary School.

Eco-Beasts Welcome

Last week the Eco Beasts added some fish to the pond in the secret garden. Mr Ewen talked about what they would need to live in the environment and how the eco-system can support them. The students will monitor their progress over the next few weeks and hopefully they will thrive in their new home.

Bangkok FC Entertain and Educate our FS3 Students

Last week the Bangkok FC coaches came to the school to work with our FS3 children. They taught them all sorts of different ball skills, passing and shooting techniques and, most all, had an incredible amount of fun with the students. Thank you all for the efforts with our young students.


Year 3 Enjoy Their Library Time

Year 3 have been enjoying the library space. They get the opportunity to change books, choose different topic books or choose a book for pleasure. The class teacher guides the students in their book choices and also shares books with them. The library is a quiet, calm place where the students can get lost in a book!

Year 6 Students Sell Poppies for Remembrance Day

Over the last few weeks, Year 6 students have been selling poppies for charity. The poppy is a symbol of remembrance and at this time of year we are asked to remember all people who have died as a result of conflict around the world. Well done Year 6s for supporting this good cause.

A Halloween Competition to Get Your Teeth into!

Children absolutely love a little bit of petrifying poetry on Halloween! Will your child be inspired to write, learn and perform a haunting Halloween-themed poem for this competition?

To enter the ‘fang-tastic’ competition, children need to record their original entries and post them in the correct Year Group of the Flipgrid, where they can see and enjoy each other’s work. Here is the presentation that was sent to classes for the children to see.

Here are the entries for this competition from two years ago, which will hopefully inspire your child to enter!




Can you dance like an animal?

For our next TASKMASTER challenge, we want to see your best dance movements! You must choose an animal and create a 30-second dance as your chosen animal. Once you have filmed your dance, please send it to Mrs Katie ( and share your work on Global Campus

Deadline: 11th November 2022

Primary and Foundation Stage: Pre-iCamp, Eco-Beasts, Bangkok FC, Selling Poppies, and Halloween Competition - primary-and-foundation-stage-pre-icamp-eco


Year 5 Learn About Survival!

This term, Year 5's topic is survival! Students will be learning a range of survival skills that could be of use in a survival situation. This week, they learnt about first aid and how to cope in an emergency. The children identified possible dangers in the wild, learnt how and when to deliver the recovery position and practised dressing wounds. Thank you Ms Debbie for delivering a fun and educational session!

STA’s SENCO Delivers Professional Development to Staff

Over the course of 2 afternoon training slots, over 70 support and curriculum staff attended Ms Catherine's Autism Training CPD. Feedback has been that it was very useful, with practical strategies to help our students with autism at St Andrews. The next Learning Support CPD will be on ADHD and strategies to manage this complex neurodevelopmental condition. This will take place next Tuesday and Thursday after school, at the High School and Primary School Campus.


Freaky Friday diorama workshop1

3rd Session: Tuesday 22nd November 2022


All sessions will be from 8:15 am - 10:00 am in the Exam Room at Primary School.


These workshops will help parents identify the three meta skills that will focus on building, maintaining and repairing your connection with your child. The first workshop focuses on the skill CONNECT and looks at what it takes to create a lifelong bond with your child. It will also throw light on parenting pitfalls that we get trapped into which can inhibit this bond.


Open to all STA Parents (Primary & High School)

Cost: 650 baht - Register Her

For more information please contact:

A Note from our Nursing Team


To provide a safe and healthy environment for our students, it is required that every child attending St Andrews International School Bangkok has a complete and up to date medical information sheet. 


This enables us to provide the best medical care for your child should the need arise. The completion of this form is mandatory and is required to enable your child to attend school.


Even if your child’s medical status has not changed, it is important that you complete the form to consent to first aid,medical treatment and to confirm your emergency contact details.


This information can easily be updated via the Health app in Moodle or via this LINK 


Primary and Foundation Stage: Pre-iCamp, Eco-Beasts, Bangkok FC, Selling Poppies, and Halloween Competition - primary-and-foundation-stage-pre-icamp-eco


There are 3 simple steps to steps follow:


  1. Check that the auto populated information for your child is correct 

  2. Update vaccination/allergy and medical conditions 

  3. Update consent for the administration of medication 


The contents and use of this form will be treated as Confidential, and is overseen by our nursing teams. This information will only be made available to Government or private medical or paramedical staff and relevant St Andrews staff members in the event of an accident or emergency. 


Should you have any questions and wish to contact our nurses directly you can email them at:


High School:

Primary School: