Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
28 March, 2024

Today4tomorrow Organisation's Art Exhibition raising funds for underprivileged girls' education

social impact
Written by Natalie Year 13

This initiative is an art exhibition that is run by the Today4tomorrow organisation, founded by students from St Andrews, as well as many other international schools in Bangkok and the UK. Across these schools, we have currently raised and donated more than twenty-five thousand baht for the school.

The Today4tomorrow organisation collaborates with Dhammajarinee Witthaya School, which provides free education and homes for underprivileged girls in Thailand. The school director, Dr. Aunampai Passakchai, along with a group of Buddhist nuns, found a gender imbalance in the disadvantaged youth. Disadvantaged boys who were struggling could become monks and receive proper care, food and education through the Buddhist temples. On the other hand, impoverished girls did not have the same opportunities, and thus the creation of the Dhamajarinee Wittaya school. 

The school's mission - “Provide a safe home and quality education, kindergarten to grade 12, for underserved girls in Thailand—helping break the cycle of poverty and a lack of opportunity.” 

social impact

St Andrews has recently donated computers, iPads and projectors to the school, to assist them in the shortages of technological resources in the STEM-focused courses they provided for the students back in November. Afterwards, Year 13s Ananya, Natalie, and Serena visited the school where they toured the school facilities, talked to the students and discussed with Dr. Aunampai Passakchai how Today4tomorrow could support them even further. To support their strong STEM education facilities, their English enrichment programmes and their visual arts department, they have encountered difficulties in providing a sufficient amount of resources for over 1000 students from kindergarten to Year 13. Furthermore, running a boarding school for girls means providing them with basic health needs such as sanitary napkins.

This fundraiser is an event that showcases the Dhammajarinee Witthaya school’s students' visual artworks. All donations will be given to the school, which will aid them in providing the students with educational and healthcare resources. Today4tomorrow wishes that this event will spark more interest in supporting our local community as well as the Dhammajarinee Wittaya School.

social impact

It will be hosted at Bangkok Prep Secondary School and will showcase the visual artwork of students from Dhammajarinee Witthaya School. Through supporting this event, we invite our local community to learn more about the school’s mission as well as explore methods to further invest and facilitate young aspiring girls in their education, and thus, their future in society.

Dhammajarinee Witthaya School website: