Our Parent Teacher Group organises a whole host of events and activities, including fundraisers, International Days, social events, family-oriented activities, and collaborative projects that bring people together.  

About our Parent Teacher Group (PTG)

Our mission is to work together for the common good of our student body and to foster goodwill and clear communication among parents, teachers, and students.

As a parent, you automatically become a member of the PTG as soon as you join the school. The PTG is managed and represented by the PTG Committee, which is elected at the end of every school year. The Committee currently consists of three Officers (Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary) and six other members. A wide range of school years is represented on the Committee, ensuring that everyone's interests are taken into account.

Parent volunteers

The PTG Committee is a group of volunteers that works hard to make crucial events happen throughout the school year, including International Days and Christmas Fairs on both campuses, our Fun Day, and the end-of-year Summer Party. 

The Committee also aims to strengthen relationships and facilitate communication between parents and school, as well as helping new families to settle in. They create opportunities for students and the school to raise money for various good causes. The Committee also manages lost and found as well as the collection and sale of second-hand uniforms. 

By putting in place a wide selection of different parent sports and activities, the PTG has built a strong community across the two campuses. PTG Committee members work tirelessly behind the scenes, too, with parents and with school, to resolve issues that may crop up.

PTG meetings

PTG meetings take place once a term. The meeting serves the purpose of sharing information, raising concerns, and discussing future plans. We strongly encourage parents to attend these meetings and to submit items for the agenda. The Head of School attends each meeting, and other speakers – either students or teachers – may give a brief update on specific events that are of interest to the wider school community. The PTG meeting is an opportunity for parents to raise issues they're concerned about – or to let us know what they're pleased with and would like to see more of!

PTG organised events and activities

Apart from helping to plan whole-school events, the PTG also works for the good of the school community, including:

The PTG plans and organises:

Community outreach

Money raised by the PTG is given back to the school community, often to support certain student activities or fundraising that fosters a sense of community and teamwork. We also promote sustainability (e.g. second-hand uniform sales) and donate to charity.

The PTG has a Facebook Group where you can find lots of useful information about our school, as well as living in Bangkok, if you're new to the city. If you'd like to contact them about something specific, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at: