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Elaine Tomlinson

Staff Liaison, Art, English and MYP 1Teacher

Elaine Tomlinson studied at Nottingham University, in the subjects of Art and Geography and began her teaching career in an inner city secondary school in SE London, in 1974. Her first international school posting was in 1977 at The British School of the Netherlands, in The Hague. In 1987 she arrived in Switzerland at the International School of Basel where she was later appointed Junior School Principal. In 1998 she gained her Masters degree in Education for International Schools, from Oxford Brookes University. In 2002 she was appointed Head Teacher of the International School of Monts-de-Corsier, the previous sister school and forerunner of La Côte International School.  She played a key role in establishing it as a new and successful school in the Montreux and Vevey area. Following this she was appointed Head of the International School of Zug and Luzern where she worked for 4 years before taking up her current position as Assistant Head at La Côte International School, with a remit to help establish a secondary section within the school. Having held various positions throughout the school’s development, she is now head of the Visual Arts Department. She is passionate about nurturing creativity, not just in art, but in ways of thinking and making sure those who think they can’t, realize that they can. She is a very active person, who finds sitting still difficult unless engrossed in a good book! In addition to reading, she enjoys, writing poetry, quizzes and crosswords and has a love for the great outdoors.

What students have to say about Mrs. Tomlinson

  • Mrs. Tomlinson challenges us every week and pushes our artistic limits, in order for us to portray expression in our art.
  • Mrs. Tomlinson is extremely caring toward her students and she always encourages them to try their best.
  • Very experienced and passionate. She gives us freedom to express ourselves. All our art lessons are filled with new knowledge and creativity.
  • She has good taste in art. She knows what she is talking about. She may be a little too strict!
  • Mrs. Tomlinson is a knowledgeable and passionate art teacher. Over the two years that she has taught me, I have never gained so much knowledge.
  • A fabulous teacher! Mrs. Tomlinson is very dynamic in art classes and can convert anyone into an Art fan! She is an amazing teacher who challenges students to their limits and motivates them, especially in art class.
  • Mrs. Tomlinson is a great teacher. She helps us when we are stuck, gives us advice that helps us all the time. She helps us work through problems and cares for everyone. Always giving a clear and honest and thoughtful opinion. She is a great teacher and I look forward to all of her lessons.
  • Mrs. Tomlinson is such a good teacher that I can’t actually put it into words.
  • Mrs Tomlinson rocks! Fact.
  • Absolutely awesome!

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