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Learning Support Team

  • Rebecca Haley

    Head of Learning Support

    Rebecca Haley

    BA (Hons) QTS

    Rebecca is a qualified Special Educational Needs Coordinator from the UK and has been teaching for ten years. Her experiences vary from teaching EAL in Austria for students in Kindergarten to Year 6, to being an English teacher in an inner city Secondary School in East Yorkshire.

    Rebecca is passionate about inclusion for all students and believes that all students can achieve when they a supportive school and family. She firmly believes that good teachers can transform lives for the better.

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  • Alistair Severn

    Alistair Severn

    Alistair initially spent a number of years working in the Finance Industry in the UK before moving to Shanghai. He has been working with Learning Support Department for over 3 years, with students of various ages; from year 1 all the way up to year 11. Alistair is also a keen climber and football player.

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  • Jocelyn Gambito

    Jocelyn Gambito

    Jocelyn came into teaching 15 years ago after working as a midwife in her home country of the Philippines. She worked at an international school for 5 years in Kindergarten before moving to BISS where she has been for the last 10 years.

    Jocelyn has been working with students from Early Years to Year 6 whilst at BISS. She enjoys seeing the children progress and develop in every area. Jocelyn feels the best things about working at BISS are the great staff, amazing students and friendly supportive parents.

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  • Aline Chan

    Aline Chan

    Aline is from Sydney and has been with the BISS Learning Support Department for 5 years. She enjoys making a difference in the lives of the children and families with additional needs, a role which she also enjoyed as a medical practitioner in Australia. Aline draws on her experience as a mother of 3, her medical background and educational experience as a Kumon Educator to enable students of all abilities to be the best they can be. Her special interest lies in children within the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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  • Snow Feng

    Snow Feng

    Snow graduated from Shanghai International Studies University with a major in English. She joined BISS in 2009 as a class TA and after 3 years worked in the visual art department. Snow joined the Learning Support Department in January in 2014 and she is most happy when helping others to be the best they can be. Snow believes strongly that students can achieve when they have appropriate support in place from school and home. 

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  • Maureen Wang

    Maureen Wang

    Maureen joined the Learning Support Department at the start of last academic year after working here at the school for 5 years. She is a dedicated member of the team who believes that students learn best when in a stimulating and caring environment. Maureen loves the challenges brought about in her day to day by being within an international school setting and meeting lots of different people.

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  • Vandana Tiwari

    Vandana Tiwari

    Vandy moved to shanghai with her family from India, where she worked as a Science teacher with Notre Dame Academy. She has a master’s degree in Chemistry with B.Ed. She is highly committed in every area of her work. She inspires students to develop their own identities. Vandy firmly believes that each child is unique and not only capable of learning but also succeeding at school.

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  • Elizabeth Oyuchi

    Elizabeth Oyuchi

    Liz has been supporting in the department for over 4 years. Her greatest joy is when seeing students we support, develop and grow in all aspects. This maybe academic or socially, enabling them to become future global citizens! Liz maintains a positive and patient outlook in her role. She enjoys using real life situations and events to help promote student understanding of social skills. In her spare time she likes spending time with her family. 

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  • Zoe Zhou

    Zoe Zhou

    Zoe graduated from Shanghai University and majored in English. Her experience varies from teaching students in Reception to Key Stage 3, supporting in arrange of subject areas and settings.

    Zoe has a wide experience of supporting students that have some difficulties in learning. She is patient and positive. Seeing the students she works with achieve as a result of effective collaboration between school, Learning support and parents gives her great professional satisfaction. Zoe believes that every student has their own talent and can be successful.

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  • Julie Zhu

    Julie Zhu

    Julie studied English Literature and Methodologies for Teaching at Shanghai University. After graduating, she worked as a bilingual language trainer for children aged from 5to 8 years and also qualified through the TEFL-C certificate from Cambridge University.

    She loves working with children and believes that every student has great potential to develop when we find appropriate approaches to guide them. She always encourages students to be positive to their life and study.

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  • Lucy Gichana

    Lucy Gichana

    Lucy is one of the longest servicing staff members in our team. Since 2010, she has supported children from Early Years through to Middle school. In addition to providing one-to-one support, Lucy has been a lead role in academic group interventions over the years. She has great passion for her students’ welfare and has in-depth knowledge of the challenges faced by students in our care and is quick implement remedial strategies. Most importantly, Lucy enjoys working with children. 

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  • Katrina Zhao

    Katrina Zhao

    After Katrina graduated from college she worked as an English teacher at a local school for 3 years. She then joined BISS over 3 years ago. During that time she worked in Nursery and Year 2 classes. Her passion is working with children, especially the younger ones. Katrina believes her patience and enthusiasm are what makes her good at her role.

    ‘The children I have worked with find me caring, helpful and trustworthy, and they open their hearts to me which is the most precious thing’.

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