This important information will help you plan your school year with NAIS Pudong. If you need further information, we’re always here to provide you and your child with the support you need.


Keep up to date with the academic year at NAIS Pudong with these key dates for your calendar.


Here are the most important dates for your diary in the upcoming school year.
Term 1
Monday 21 Aug to Friday 15 Dec 2023
Christmas Holiday
Saturday 16 Dec 2023 to Sunday 07 Jan 2024
Term 2
Monday 08 Jan to Friday 29 Mar 2024
Spring break
Saturday 30 Mar to Sunday 07 Apr 2024
Term 3
Monday 08 Apr to Friday 21 Jun 2024
Summer Holiday
Saturday 22 Jun to Monday 19 Aug 2024


At NAIS Pudong, we believe that success is driven by your child’s happiness.  So we make sure your child experiences new ideas and experiences that nurture their talent—which is the best way to create a lifelong love of learning. 
Performing Arts
Explore your passion for the performing arts and unlock your creative potential through drama, orchestra, choir, and music ensemble.
Performing Arts
Join our vibrant after-school program where talented individuals come together to express themselves, collaborate, and bring captivating performances to life on stage.
From Mandarin Booster Club catering to both native and non-native speakers, to EAL support for English language learners, and options like German, Mandarin (including HSK preparation), French, and Spanish, we offer a rich linguistic tapestry to broaden horizons and foster cultural understanding.
Explore the world through language with our diverse range of after-school language activities. These additional sessions strengthen their learning, and explore reading, writing and media that would otherwise be inaccessible. From Mandarin Booster Club catering to both native and non-native speakers, to EAL support for English language learners, and options like German, Mandarin (including HSK preparation), French, and Spanish, we offer a rich linguistic tapestry to broaden horizons and foster cultural understanding.

Academic Support
We offer a comprehensive range of activities designed to enhance students' skills in various disciplines. From math, reading, and writing to art, history, and handwriting, students can also explore exciting fields such as drone engineering, robotics, coding, web development, go-kart engineering, business, and science, fostering a well-rounded educational experience.
Academic Support
We offer a comprehensive range of activities designed to enhance students' skills in various disciplines. From math, reading, and writing to art, history, and handwriting, students can also explore exciting fields such as drone engineering, robotics, coding, web development, go-kart engineering, business, and science, fostering a well-rounded educational experience.
Academic Counselling
Academic Counselling, an integral part of our after-school activities program, provides students with invaluable guidance and support in their educational journey. 
Academic Counselling

Through events like Scholars Meet, students engage in stimulating discussions with scholars from diverse fields, while University Admissions Entry Testing equips them with essential skills for college applications. Additionally, The Perfect Essay workshop empowers students to master the art of crafting compelling written pieces. 

At NAIS Pudong, sports form an integral part of our after-school activities, offering students a diverse range of options to explore their athletic abilities. From swimming to football, our programs are designed to foster independence, safety, and confidence, while also providing a clear pathway for improvement and success.

Starting with being independent, safe and confident in the water, through the development of different strokes, to diving and competition preparation – there’s a clear path for improvement and success in the pool for students at NAIS Pudong.

Our football teams, competing at various levels across different age groups, consistently demonstrate their skills and achieve remarkable accomplishments. With dedicated coaches guiding and motivating our students, NAIS Pudong nurtures talent and empowers both boys and girls to excel on the pitch. Whether pursuing scholarships or simply enjoying the game, our football program paves the way for growth and achievement.


Document Library

Welcome to the Document Library, your one-stop destination for all your PDF document needs. 
Tuition Fee 2023-2024
Get all the essential information about this year's tuition fees in one convenient place. Download the PDF now and stay informed.
Download the comprehensive school handbook in PDF format for a complete guide to policies, procedures, and resources.
Quick Guide
An invaluable tool designed for students and parents—a concise school quick guide, conveniently available for download in PDF format. 
Uniform Guide
Get ready for the new school year with our comprehensive school uniform guide! Download the PDF now to ensure your child is dressed to impress.
ASAs Handbook
Explore a world of engaging After School Activities at NAIS Pudong here.
IB Diploma Program
Discover a comprehensive introduction to the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma program, encompassing its rigorous academic programs, global perspective, and commitment to developing well-rounded, lifelong learners.
IGCSE Curriculum
Discover a comprehensive introduction to the IGCSE curriculum, offering a concise yet thorough overview of the subjects, assessments, and key concepts to excel in these internationally recognised examinations.
Primary Student Progress
At the end of term, NAIS Pudong held a student showcase demonstrating the outstanding progress our students are making across an academic year. To show how proud we are of their work, we’re producing a book which also showcases the incredible transformation of our students’ English written work. Click here to check out the e-book.
Yearbook 2022-2023
Get your hands on the captivating memories of the Yearbook 2022-2023! Dive into a delightful e-book, capturing the essence of an unforgettable academic year.


At NAIS Pudong, there are aspects of school life that we believe should be clearly defined for the wellbeing of all our students, such as a healthy diet and consistent dress code. Please review this information and contact us with any questions.  
School Uniforms
Our school uniform gives our children a sense of belonging. Our students are proud to wear their uniform and we expect it to be worn on the journeys to and from school and at any activities hosted by the school.
School Uniforms
In addition to the core school uniform, a Blazer should be worn and PE Kit brought to school when Physical Education lessons are on the timetable.

Access our uniform store here.
Image_NAS Nantong_2021_3355
School Meals
NAIS Pudong has a Healthy Eating Policy. Our varied school menu provides choices to suit everyone's taste. We teach all children about the importance of hygiene, eating healthy meals and exercising as part of a balanced lifestyle.
Image_NAS Nantong_2021_3355
School Meals
We use the world-renowned Chartwells company to provide all catering options for our students and staff.  They provide nutritious food at all meal and snack times with limited and controlled quantities of fat and sugar. Children receive only food and drink consistent with their dietary needs and their parents' wishes.
Our caterers are happy to cater for all restricted diets (dairy free, gluten free, allergies, etc) as well as vegetarian or vegan diets. We offer lunch menus which change every week to ensure a range of meals and food styles.  You can find out more about their services here.
Parent Portal
A convenient “one-stop” place for all school communications, including your child’s report, records and timetable.   Please click here to access our iParent service for secondary parents.
School Term Dates 2023/2024
Keep up to date with the academic year at Nord Anglia International School Shanghai, Pudong with these key dates for your calendar.
School Term Dates 2023-2024
Term 1
Monday 21 August to Friday 15 December 2023
Christmas Holidays 
Saturday 16 December 2023 to Sunday 07 January 2024

Term 2 
Monday 08 January to Friday 29 March 2024

Spring break 
Saturday 30 March to Sunday 07 April 2024

Term 3 
Monday 08 April to Friday 21 June 2024
Summer Holiday 
Starts Monday 22 June 2024

Image_ Northbridge_Cambodia_934


Our students have access to modern catering facilities and a healthy and well-balanced set of daily food options, including for both lunch and snacks.  Catering is provided by Chartwells, the renowned education branch of the Compass catering group, and sample menus for students can be seen here.  The menus are cycled regularly so that students have an ever-changing set of options to choose from. 

Parents and students are able to create a direct account within an APP which allows them to check, update and query balances, create digital payment cards, check on menus every day, and interact with the catering team for any issues that may arise.  You can download the user manual for the APP in English here and in Mandarin here.


  • How can I apply for a place at NAIS Pudong?

    We have an easy-to-use online application form which can be found here. You will need input some information about your child and your family and to upload documentation such as passports and school reports. If you have any questions above the process, the Admissions team will be happy to assist. You can contact them via email at, by telephone at +86 (0) 21 5812 7455 ext.1015, or by WeChat by adding our account ID NAISPudong.


    Read more about, and apply to NAIS Pudong here.

  • How do you protect students on days which are polluted?

    We are serious about protecting our students from potentially harmful air pollution.  We have clean air filters in every classroom and all communal areas throughout the school. Even on the highest of pollution days, indoor air quality is better than international health standards.  We maintain our filtration system regularly and always monitor the internal air quality.


    We have an outdoor play policy based on the best available advice from the US Department of Health, the recognised leader in the field. Accordingly, we take regular readings for the Air Quality Index (AQI) and PM2.5 (the most dangerous particles) throughout the day at four set times, and more regularly where required. When readings exceed the healthy range, students outdoor activities are limited or, during any high pollution, cancelled.


    As our extensive facilities include three indoor gymnasiums and other suitable indoor spaces, many activities are easily able to be transferred indoors. In 2014, the Chinese government developed strict regulations to reduce air pollution in China and since then the air quality has continually improved and the AQI is at its lowest levels in decades.

  • Do you offer a bus service?

    Students from all over Shanghai attend our school, including from our own neighbourhood of Kangqiao, and we have a dedicated fleet of school buses to bring them to and from school each day. Each school bus is supervised by a bilingual bus monitor who is a teaching assistant at the school, and all buses are fitted with seat belts which students are required to wear. Our bus routes adapt each year to the needs of our community, and we try to offer transport options for all families who request the service, but in some cases, we may not be able to provide a bus. You can speak to the Admissions staff for more information.


    You can view our current bus routes here.

  • I want to get involved as a parent. How can I do that?

    We truly appreciate the involvement of parents in the learning children of their children. We offer a variety of opportunities for parents to visit the school to observe children in classes and to support those activities. We have a variety of voluntary positions in school from Class Representatives and as members of the official parents association. These families are critical in helping the school to better engage and understand the community and we strongly encourage regular dialogue with all families. 


    Throughout the year we also have a wide range events for our families, from picnics, school productions and performances, international days, to classes and fairs/bazaars. Our parents also gather socially throughout the year, helping to build the bonds within our community.


    Explore our events calendar here.

  • How do you communicate with parents?

    We engage with families in a variety of ways that reflect modern life and communication:


    1. Face-to-face conversations, either formally at planned Academic Review Evenings or informally at parent or teacher request.
    2. Students receive four formal reports each year, a Settling In report after their first month at the school and then a report at the end of each of the three academic terms.
    3. Emails directly to and from teachers and parents.
    4. In Primary school we use Class Dojo to send messages and for teachers to post pictures and information about what has been happening in your childs class.  Secondary school staff utilise the iParent portal for similar purposes.
    5. Social media includes our school Facebook page and our official WeChat account.
    6. Students use Microsoft Teams to access their work and keep track of homework.
    7. Weekly updates which summarise the weeks highlights and provide important notices of upcoming events and activities.
    8. A variety of events throughout the year in which parents are invited to come into school, including Parent/Teacher meetings each term, twice-yearly student showcases, and wide range of fun events.
    9. Each year group has parent representatives, and we also have a parent representatives group, all of whom are able to communicate with school on behalf of the parent community to support the school and raise any questions or issues.


    The school is committed to an open-door policy which means that parents are welcome to engage with teachers at any point to discuss their childs progress and wellbeing. We encourage parents who wish to meet with teachers in person to make a formal appointment to do so directly with the teacher.


    Keep up to date with our latest news using our social media channels or on our website here.

  • What curriculum do you offer?

    We operate the British Curriculum with an international focus, and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for our senior students. At our Primary School, we enhance learning through the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), making learning more global, active, and relevant. The strength of the UK Curriculum lies in its formal structure. Divided into Key Stages of education, for students from 3 to 16 years of age, it develops the key skills students need to learn, with a focus on Literacy and Numeracy with a balanced study of other subjects. Study is split into Key Stages which are split as follows:


    • Early Years Foundation Stage Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception
    • Key Stage 1 Years 1 and 2
    • Key Stage 2 Years 3, 4, 5 and 6
    • Key Stage 3 Years 7, 8 and 9
    • Key Stage 4 IGCSE Years 10 and 11


    From the Foundation Stage, our students study Mandarin and our curriculum reflects both our Shanghai location and the diverse international membership of our school community.

    Each stage gradually builds knowledge and skills towards study of the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) exams which are taken at the end of Year 11. These are a series of externally set and marked examinations which are recognised by education systems around the world. Students in Years 12 and 13 at NAIS Pudong then study the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programme, the worlds most respected pre-college/university programme.

    You can find more information about our IGCSE and IBDP options in our handbooks which can be found here.

    Read more about our curricula here.

  • Do you offer learning support for students?

    We are an inclusive school and are able to support students with additional needs where appropriate. Aside from EAL needs, where students have specific learning support requirements we would look to discuss these with families during the early stages of the application process to ensure that were able to support them. We have specialist staff in school who would meet parents and students and they would also be responsible for engaging for any other specialist teams currently involved in the students support network. We will ask for copies of any relevant documents such as Individual Education Plans (IEPs) or medical documentation where those are relevant.


    To discuss any learning support issues with our team, email ushere.


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