• Charlotte's Premiere International School

    An international school is an advanced curriculum that promotes a genuine interest in the lives of others.

    Student from the British International School of Charlotte in Tanzania

  • Success for Every Child

    A personalized approach to teaching and a curriculum that delivers academic and social confidence

    BISC Science student at the British International School of Charlotte

  • Challenging and Fun

    Over 60 enrichment activities throughout the year and a diverse and supportive student community

    Singing & Dancing at the British International School of Charlotte

  • Dedicated and Inspiring

    Our teachers never stop learning and have experience in shaping learning outcomes to every individual child

    Science teaching at the British International School of Charlotte


    We offer something to talk about. Join us and we will advance your child’s learning and global outlook

    Year 1 science at British International School of Charlotte

  • Where Today Prepares for Tomorrow

    Find out what’s going on at school right now and see the types of experiences your child will have

    Indian dress at the British International School of Charlotte

School year groups

Our school year groups are more aligned to a British system of education. Here we show you how this compares for school age requirements in the US system of education.
Your Child's Age Our School Year
Group (Grade)
Our School
US Grade
US School Section
2-3 2-3 Year Old Early Years Pre-School Pre-School
3-4 Foundation 1 Early Years Pre-School Pre-School
4-5 Foundation 2 Early Years Pre-School Pre-School
5-6 Year 1 Primary Kindergarten Kindergarten
6-7 Year 2 Primary Grade 1 Elementary
7-8 Year 3 Primary Grade 2 Elementary
8-9 Year 4 Primary Grade 3 Elementary
9-10 Year 5 Primary Grade 4 Elementary
10-11 Year 6 Primary Grade 5 Elementary
11-12 Year 7 Lower Secondary Grade 6 Middle
12-13 Year 8 Lower Secondary Grade 7 Middle
13-14 Year 9 Lower Secondary Grade 8 Middle
14-15 Year 10 Upper Secondary Grade 9 High
15-16 Year 11 Upper Secondary Grade 10 High

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